Anybody likes yuen biao. Do you think he did not get the credit and fame he deserved?

He is best known for his acrobatic action scenes which often overshadow the work of his more famous costars jackie chan and sammo hung


Can anybody become 'the cream' if they work hard enough?


Rickson Gracie vs sakuraba is this fight going to happen? If so When and Where?

Yuen Biao (born 26 July 1957) is a Chinese actor from Hong Kong. He specializes in martial arts. He is one of the Seven Little Fortunes.

Born Hsia Ling-Jun in Hong Kong, Yuen studied at the Peking Opera School between the ages of five to 16. In 1973, Yuen became a stunt double for Bruce Lee. He was one of the "fake" Bruce Lee's in Game of Death, doing the acrobatics and stunts that the Bruce Lee "body double" (tae-kwon-do expert Tai Chung Kim) couldn't perform. Yuen wouldn't get to really show off his skills until the late 1970's and early 80's thanks to his schoolmates/good friends Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan. He was the star of several successful films in the early '80's, notably The Prodigal Son (directed by Sammo Hung) and Dreadnaught (directed by Yuen Woo-ping), but later took smaller roles in films starring the more successful Chan and Hung, including the Lucky Stars series. The success began dying down a bit in the 1990's, but slowly began rising up again thanks to his films Hero in 1997 and A Man Called Hero in 1999. In 2000, Yuen went to the United States to work with Jackie Chan as the fight choreographer on Shanghai Noon. In 2001, Yuen co-starred alongside Sammo Hung in The Avenging Fist. Yuen also starred in a more comedic role in the 2002 Japan-HK film No Problem 2. He is best known for his acrobatic action scenes which often overshadow the work of his more famous costars, especially in films such as Eastern Condors (with Sammo Hung) and Dragons Forever. In most of his roles he plays inexperienced and foolish young men, or eccentrics caught up in the schemes of his costars.

As of 1984, he is married to DiDi Phang Sau-Ha and has two children.

In 2005, he starred in a TVB series called "Real Kung Fu", which gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his kung fu skills.

yup deserved a lot more.

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