Any UFC Fans?

Who won the fight between Matt Hughes and BJ Penn ?


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Hughes won the fight via TKO in the third. Penn didnt in fact gas out in the third, he actually injured his ribcage in the 2nd causing him to appear to be gassed in the third. Penn had won the first two rounds before losing

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im a ufc fanatic bro matt won the fight bj penn was kicking some *** for the first 2 rounds then he gassed out and matt took him out they stopped fight cause bj could not defend

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Where can I download Georges St. Pierre beating Matt hughes at the last UFC event?

Not a fan of senseless fighting.

Give me the right answer and the 1st right answer will get the best answer vote from me?

Matt did.

BJ dominated the 1st and 2nd rounds, but I think that Matt planned on letting BJ wear himself down. because by the 3rd round BJ could barely move, let alone fight.

And Matt capitalized on this and won by a TKO in the 3min mark of the 3rd round

BJ prob'ly needs to take his training a little more serious if hopes to take on Matt for his 3rd an final match if the UFC allows it.

which I don't see that as a problem happening.

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I have a been a UFC fan since Liddell vs. Couture 3 earlier this year. Since that time I've watched every UFC event since then on Spike and Pay Per View and have seen all past fights that are available on DVD.

To answer your question, Hughes reigned down about 42 blows to BJ's head in round three of the championship fight. BJ did win the first two rounds, and almost choked Hughes out in round 2.

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BJ of course..

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