Question:That guy has got some serious talent, but he's not as serious and motivated. Just imagine for a minute a BJ Penn with his incredible skills, but motivated to train for a full fight and take things seriously.

First two rounds were AMAZING. Third round looked like Hughes was beating on a dummy.

What did you think of the fight, what does this fight say about Hughes, Penn. Also, will Penn get some f*cking cardio for the rubber match?


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BJ Penn was injured during round 2.

If you watch the fight again, or just think about it, it wasn't that he was gassed and couldn't fight. He couldn't move at all! He was totally immoble the entire 3rd round.

He seperated a rib and was in serious pain.

I'm not taking anything away from Matt Hughes. He won and is an amazing fighter as well.

I can't wait till their 3rd fight.

Why isnt..?

I agree with you. He has good talent, but can't seem to pull it off without getting tired.

Glad Hughes showed who's boss of the welterweight division.

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I saw the fight and couldn't believe how Penn dominated the first 2 rounds. You could see the frustration on Matt as he tried and tried again to take Penn down and/or lift him for the famous "Hughes slam on the mat". But Penn was in total control those first 2 rounds. And that lock he had on Matt using both arms and legs at the end of round 2 had me thinking that Matt was losing his title that evening.

But as we all know, come 3rd round, Penn just didn't have anything left. He came out flatfooted and took the punishment from Hughes, especially at the end when both his arms were penned and his face was a literal punching bag for Hughes to pound on!

Everyone seemed to wonder why Big John didn't call the fight earlier than he did. My guess is that the refs were talked to about calling them too soon, especially after the Ortiz/Shamrock #2 fiasco recently when the ref called the fight quickly and the audience didn't like it. (I doubt the outcome would have been any different in that fight if they let it go longer, but it WAS a pretty quick ref stoppage nonetheless.)

As for a rubber match between Hughes and Penn, I'd love to see it, but I have a feeling we've seen the last of Penn. I think he showed up, got paid, and is going back to enjoy Hawaii again. Hopefully George St. Pierre will battle Hughes in another close fight...but this time with more stamina than Penn had.

Time will tell.

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You gotta give the guy a break, he took it to the champ...again! and his cardio was lacking because he took the fight after GSP was supposedly injured so while Hughes was training for this fight for 3-5 months he only had 3 weeks, and its rumered he doesn't do a whole alot on his off time so of course he was out of shape thats why he tried so hard to finish the fight in round 1 and 2! but no worries GSP will be the new welterweight champ in November

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OK, as far as the cardio, Penn should have been in shape anyway. He was scheduled to fight on the undercard on Oct. 10, on the Shamrock-Ortiz fight. Second, apparently Penn injured his ribs during his reversal in round 2 (Excuses, Excuses) according to his website.

Second I think that 42 unanswered blows to the head from Hughes to Penn constitutes a valid stoppage from Big John.

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I was surprised at how weel BJ did against Matt in the first round. Butt he lost! Matt was too strong and trained to well to get choked out at that time. Matt is super strong thats what got him through the choke/arm bar. He had more to worry about from BJs unches which were making him wobbely. I think if hwe had another 30 seconds in the first round he could have knocked Matt out. But he didn't! Matt trained harder and deserves it more. BJ was too cocky and relied strictly on his jiujitsu to get him through. But when that failed him he had nothing left.

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