Anybody knows about frank dux?


Who won the silvia courture fight?

Frank William Dux is the founder of an amalgamated martial arts with the anacronym FASST, also called Dux Ryu Ninjutsu

Frank Dux is unique in that he claims to have been taught the martial art of ninjutsu secretly by a neighbor during his adolescent years growing up in Woodland Hills, California. There is no evidence of the Ninja teacher, Senzo Tanaka, sometimes referred to as Takizo Tanaka, or the two nephews of Tanaka which Frank Dux says he trained with.

There are many critics of Dux however, that claim that virtually all of his exploits are fraudulent, that he never competed in any underground no-holds-barred tournament (it is generally acknowledged that such tournaments are purely an invention of Hollywood and video games. No recognized, legitimate, martial arts practitioner has ever claimed to have even heard of such a thing actually existing.), and that he is no martial arts master. In a November 1998 article titled "Stolen Valor: Profiles of a Phony-Hunter." Soldier of Fortune Magazine accused him of falsifying his military record. Many people in the martial arts community accuse Dux of fabricating his past, and that he is no martial arts expert. There are some that claim that even Senzo Tanaka, the sensei that Dux trained under, and his deceased son never existed.


Do you know a teacher teachs fin art with out taking course?

the movie bloodsport is a true story about him
its a damn good movie too

1st Class?

He's been outed as a phony.

Cross training Judo and BJJ?


For anyone who does an external or hard martial art?

Yes he's a fraud! I would love to kick his a55

Where to learn martial arts in Singapore??

yes he is considered by some as the father of american ninjitsu

I was on my knees, and i was saying hey bud i bow my knee to you does that mean i worship him?

Frank Dux is a fraud and there was a legal battle between van damme and dux over the rights to dux's supposed story. Dux lost.

Don't take my word for it. Research was done by a bullshido member complete with citations and descriptions.

here is the link:

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