Any martial art experts around?

Question:I want to learn martial arts but I don't know which one to pick. I'm a woman who is looking to defend myself on the streets and learn about Chi.
I did Aikido for a while byt the school shut down.
Anyone who know's about this sort of thing could you please advise me.
thank you.


Young Olympians Karate?

hi iam a 2nd dan in judo, and i personally think it is the best self defence around, it has been around for centuries its very disciplined, trust me when you are trained you will fill very confident about walking down the street on your own, and when you get to a high grade you will start to learn the more deadlier side which is ju jitsu, you may be tempted to start with jujitsu but i think you would be better of learning from the very beginning,
this give you a full insite to the art of self defence, alot of the martial art that are around at the moment use some form of jujitsu for example: cage fighting/ wrestling/ and alot of the full contact arts use foot and leg sweeps..
if i was you i would go visit some differant clubs (dojo`s)and see which one you will fill safe doing or the one you will enjoy the
for judo here are some numbers for you, or go on to there sites
i hope this helps...
BRITISH JUDO COUNCIL --0208-992-9454

ps... it may have come across that you will have to do jujitsu when you get to the higher grades,, you chose yourself if you would like to go on and start learning jujitsu, its quite hard to explain when you do judo you perform kata`s these give you the insite into jujitsu a lot of judoka`s like to learn jujitsu as well...

By the way ( judo) the word means the gentle or supple way .. of jujitsu...

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Try Kuk Sool Won. I have done loads or martial arts for 15 years and that one has by far suited me most and is very realistic. Have a look at my blog on my 360 and a quick look at my instructor doing a spinning kick on 3 boards. Hope you find something that suits you!"! bye x

What's a good striking martial art?

Probably jujitsu. Its a bit like judo but harder. You'll get taught how to defend yourself. There are locks, punches and kicks and ways to defend yourself against all these things.O yeah and nerve strikes(sounds nasty right!) Its a bit like knowing dirty street fighting but as a proper martial art.If the best martial artists from all the martial arts had a fight the jujitsu master would win easily. muggers beware

How many katas are there in karate?

northern freestyle karate its a good all rounder with a lot of self defence stuff and my personal favorite street fighting technics

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I recommend Krav Maga.

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Hey Nina... I have just been reading the "experts" answers, how confusing for you, fighting is what people do in the street without any rules and harming each other, self -defence, which you are looking form is about the ability to fend for yourself in any situation. What you need is a style that would suit your stature, present ability, and commitment to the art. Each style will provide you with something different, but not necessary useful. If you want un-bias information about Martial arts in General, go to Seloundo on google and read on. Before you enrol in any classes, check if the instructor is qualified to teach, insured, Police cleared and is an up to date first aider. Good luck

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I refuse to call myself a "master" or "expert" but I do have 13yrs experience.

Let me humbly suggest this, do not seek a good style. Instead seek a good place to train. The quality and frequency of your training far outweigh the style you train in.

Another word of advise, please refuse to pay for rank testing and refuse to sign a contract.

Do you need a certificate to teach self defense?

Am I wrong or has this question been asked by at least one person each day for the past week. No one can pick a style for you. We all have our favorite style and tend to be convinced that our style is right for everyone. You are limited by the choice of schools in your area, so asking for the best in the world is likely not to be available in your area. Also, the truely knowledgeable and good instructors almost without exceptions live in large cities, like NY, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, because that is where there are enough students to support their dojo. So-called masters live in small towns, because they can not compete with the real thing. Visit each school in your area and make an educated decision after watching classes at each and every one of them.

Oldest martial art?

I would agree with spidertiger, do not pick a style, pick a school. If they spar and you are looking for self defense, that will help.
As far as Chi goes... that's a bit tougher. Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and some other internal will teach you about Chi. Some hard arts teach chi to, but to them it is more breathing and good body mechanics which is great for training and self defense.
Visit a few schools, see what you like...
Best of luck.

What are some balanced fighting styles that you would recommend?

If you are nterested in both defensea nd learning about chi then one of the Kung fu styles would be your best bet. Not only is kung fu highly effective for defense, but, the importance of developing chi is stressed from the beginning more than in other styles. You might also try a combination of pretty much any of the local styles for defense and supplimenting that with either Tai Chi or Chi Gong training. After over 30 years training in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other martial arts I can tell you that it is the chinese styles that put a significant emphasis on Chi throughout the entirety of training. That is because most of the chinese styles are essentially Internal styles, relying a great deal more on Chi than say Japanese Karate which is mostly external and relies on pure physical power first and chi second.

So if taking two styles is not possible, then focus on chinese styles. Also, look around a bit, you might find a Tai Chi instructor that teaches the combat applications of the techniques, (if you were in my area I could teach you). You will also find the transition from aikido to Chinese Kung Fu smoother than from Aikido to one of the "hard" styles like Karate, Tae Kwan Do, or Muay Thai.

What are the principles behind different martial arts?

kung fu is the best because of the diffrent styles and also because it will allow you to chanel the Chi better

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definitely SUMO.

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What I did when I was looking for a school,was check out the local schools and see what they had to offer.Call and ask if you can go check out the classes.If you like what you see,ask for a two week pass.Then talk to the instructors,students,etc...

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Hi, what most people fail to understand, a martial artist will nearly always lose against a street fighter Why ? well take a few examples, its late at night and your walking home as you walk by a man he stops you and demands your wallet etc now lets say you are a black belt in karate or tae kwon do great I can deal with this you think so do you kick him, no you've got jeans on try kicking in street clothes so no problem I can punch him but the street fighter is a far far faster puncher after all he has no paterns to learn or rules to follow or moves to think out he will just go full on with punches, kicks elbows he will rip any part he can like ear, he will bite, stamp he does not see you as anything but a means to an end, lets say you train in jujitsu how hard is it to get jujitsu locks / throws in the dojo well think about doing that in the street in the dark with fear and a thug who will not stand still while you try and get a joint lock on him by the time you have thought it out you will be on the ground taking kicks to the head.

It is well know most martial arts are worthless on the street, there are no rules, no paterns, no only hit me in this place or this hard so if you are looking for self-protection the few that will give you a fighting chance are Muay thai boxing (the best imo) Kickboxing if full contact and mixed martial arts like kickboxing with ground fighting. Hope this helps, the best rule is to keep it simple and be a good straight forward fighter.

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Krav Maga for defence it takes all the mysticism out of it and get to the point - if that your thing; its a hell of a workout too.

Personally I like the club spirit that the white gi team offer, so got there too, due to location and timings of lessons as well

What do think when you think about a good martial artist ?

What a lot of answers to this question. Every1 being so helpfull. Just thought i would answer anyway. They are a lot of styles of martial arts and there. Not to mention kickboxing. Wich is classed as a sport. No one can make the chioce for you. But there already have been some good sudgestion and great advise. It's all done to what you what out of it. Do you want kata's in karate. Paterns in taekwon-do. or a more simple approach to attacj and defend techniques such as kickboxing. Look at you local schools and go and watch. Then you will know. 1st dan taekwon-do 3rd dan kickboxing. 15years experiance. good luck.

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yes the answers you are getting are very good advice.but you must be totally confused now. like someone said look at the clubs you have locally,go along watch ask quetions.look at the class see how they train,because they will only be as good as their instructor..beware of these clubs who profess to make you a blackbelt over night,believe me it takes a lot of sweat and years of training. so happy hunting enjoy

Improve sparring game??

Your mind and body will show you the road ahead.

Teaching karate?

Whatever 'Style' or school you choose it will be an ongoing journey for you. Ideally I would suggest you learn a modern no frills street defence class, and boxing, Judo/ju jitsu and also a kicking style. Even if you studied these areas for years it would still depend on 'you' the person and not the style. Styles are like cars, if you buy a fast one you still need to have the ability to drive it...

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