After you have trained in martial arts?

how do you feel i just trained for about an hour and a half, this thought in my head keeps saying it is useless, i have always quit whatever sport i have done eg cricket rugby football and martial arts when i was 6. i want to stick with martial arts and get this thought out of my head


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One must seek what one is looking for GRASSHOPPER.(stick with it)

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in my exprince you probaly will it just becomes a bit boring and monoagems


i started kickboxing about 4 months ago and have enjoyed each and every lesson i have been doing 3-4 lessons a week each lesson is different and the people i do it with are nice as well stick with it and keep motivated you can only benefit from doing it

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You are focusing on the process instead of the benefit. Visualize your end point today as if it is the future. Your thought is just an obstacle you see when you take your eye off the goal. Martial arts is purpose driven. The goal is Black Belt, then first, second,third forth, fifth. six, seventh. eighth, ninth, tenth eleventh, twelfth degrees and so on. Maybe what your after is a never ending Mental and physical enlightment through Martial Arts. Remember Black Belt(Shodan) literally means a student ready to learn.

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You will not get anywere with the attitude that you have. Stop being no negative about what you do. Otherwise you will never accomplice anything. I started Taekwon-do 1989. I got my first black belt in 1992. I then left t.k.d And started my own free-style kickboxing in 1996. I'm now going for my 4th dan next month at the age of 40. If you dont start looking on the positive side. You will not be able to do achive what other people have. Get a grip fella.

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be patient , u get what u put in it up to u how bad u want it

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Why don't you try different types of Martial Arts. You may find one that you like better. I went through the same thing. I started w/ tae kwon do then karate then I got into Shaolin Kung Fu. I have been there now 15 yrs.

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Either let go and enjoy what you are doing for the sake of doing it, or my advice would be to try a different activity.

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You are just asking the validity of the latest thing you are doing that is normal enough, working through the motivation drop off that is what seperates the men from the boys. Stick with it the sportsmanship alone is worth the effort.

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That's what happen when you don't take other advices seriously. We have told you that your gym is worthless! One day a week won't help you at all! The instructor is laughing at you as he make moneys off your parents. If you want to be serious about martial arts then find another gym!

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Ash, to become good in anything you have to work at it, studying Martial Arts is not useless, and you shouldn't quit just because you think what you've learned is useless.

You've only learned the basics, and more will come, but It will come later and you have to STICK WITH IT.

If you want to train more, Find a Martial Arts School that holds a class MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK.

I'm afraid that your parents have signed a long contract and you're obligated to this contract until the time runs out.

Just try to find another school that allows you to train more than once a week that won't hold you to a long contract.

good luck

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How is it useless? What do you want to use it for... Exercise? Sport? Competitions? To look good? To be a hard man? To defend yourself?

I practice martial arts because i love the movement, the control of my body, the challenge. The hardest person to beat is always yourself - i think you now know why. I train so i can be better than me - noone else matters. I just need to be better than i was. It will take the rest of my life but I think its worth it. And it has helped me defend myself once or twice - but that's just a bonus.

Decide why you want to practice martial arts, or sports (they are not the same thing) and then find the one that suits you.

By the way - if its just to look weightlifting because you wont have the right attitude for anything else. (No offence to weightlifters there!!)

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Take patience and stick with it. I'm 32 and have studied for 25 years. Many times the specters of quiting, boredom, and injury have dampened my spirit, but the only time I felt truly depressed was when I stopped training for 6 months. At the same time, it is okay to quit. You may find the passion in other activities. "If I was a rug cleaner, bet I'd have the cleanest rugs."

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it might seem useless at the moment but, but with training martial you learn discipline, strength of mind and body and greater confidence. nothing worth while appears useful immediately but keeping up with it you will Begin to see a difference in your character and strengths and it would improve your out look on life in general

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The more the body moves then the quicker it becomes...

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