Any one ever competed or been to a tough man competition?

Just curious cause my wife just entered me,I'm in good shape ,and I can kick a** in a street fight, but I've never been trained,& never fought in a ring .Any one have any advice? The fight is in 2 weeks.


What does it take to get to the UFC?

Oh yeah. Head gear. Three 1 minute rounds. 16 oz. gloves. Winner gets the money. Everyone else gets nothing, not even a free t-shirt. They are usually a 2 night event with the prelims on Friday and finals on Saturday. Usually a friggin money machine for the promoters because all they have to do is pay $1000 or so to the winner of each weight class. Used to be very popular in my area, but were banned after a few people got seriously hurt. One was killed even in the state. They did an investigation and found out that the ring doctor was a friggin chiropractor. Entered once, won Friday, lost Saturday. Just kind of a personal challenge. Is the promoter named Art Dorr by any chance? Anyways, very little skill involved in most of these. Hardly ever see a jab. Mostly just wild haymakers that ocassionaly land and someone gets ko'd. All the drunks roar with bloodlust and about a dozen fights break out in the stands. Good times!

Is it true that bushido reprograms people into machines and that people lose their identity?

depends on what kind of fight it is...ive been to a karate copetition and it wasnt that tough cos there was a lot of protection and the force from a round house kick almost made me fall but it didnt really hurt at this case all you need is good stamina cos if you tire easily your in big trouble,but in a fight with no protection i suggest hittting your opponent in the joints and the stomach

Who here thinks that kata are pointless?

relax... i earned my first medal when i was 9

Does anyone like to actually train with people?

Just remember:

Hit First, Hit Hard, Hit Often

I've been competeing in these comps for a long time, best advice I can give you. GO to the closest boxing gym, get in the ring with the biggest guy there someone out of your weight class. I mean big ask him if you can help him train by sparring with you a little not long a minute will do. Spar him, it's no pressure he'll hit harder than anyone in your class, and at the end you two have helped each other. Also get him to really lay one into you, once you know what it's like to get hit really hard the small stuff don't matter.

What are some new up and coming Pride Fighters?

No. Why would anyone want to?

Whats the best martial art?

Yeh a few but i didnt see many men there never lone tough ones.learnt how drink lotsa beer though.seen a few getting taken to the hospital for stupidity to.For what?dont know if it's the same type of comp in seppoland as aus.though.

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