Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira now in UFC, Your thoughts?

Title says it all. Personally i think he'll do incredibly well unlike Heath Herring has.


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Minatoro will automatically be a top contender. He should be CroCop's first title defense fight after CroCop takes the belt away from Randy Couture. If he beats CroCop, no one will be able to take the belt from him. I'd like to see him fight Couture, I think that would be a freakin' war!

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He will do well in the UFC. He will get one or two fights against normal fighters, then get a shot at the title. Good move on his part to sign with the UFC.

Are their still tickets availble for ufc 68?

He is now in an arena where there aren't as many outstanding heavyweights, definetely a good move on his part since he can get a shot at the title quickly. His submissions skills are unrivaled now.

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he'll do well. he's the only guy in ufc who was a very good chance of beating crocop

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who? another 5 cent warrior who cant even spell. Another version of a large matt hughes. they need to go back to the circus.

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I say he gets beat up by Arlovski...


he can only lose a fight by decision no man on earth can sub him (in mma) and no man (including bob sapps massive hammer fist) will knock him out

cro cop was owning him before nog caught him in an arm bar so that would be a tough fight for nog but i personally think he can be ufc champ for along time.well until fedor jumps over

Medicine ball drills?

Hmm... i like his move to this UFC>>>
But i dont think he will take the belt...
Cro cop will beat Gonzaga and then have a fight with couture. Once cro cop has clinched the title Antonio will have fought a couple of no namers and will eventually see cro cop for the title fight. And of course cro cop will win. Last time they fought cro cop rolled into that *.

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Its a two horse race in my estimate.

Cro Cop vs. Nog. The winner rules the divison, unless Fedor comes

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Savage, WTF are you talking about?

Minotauro beat Crocop last time.

As for the question, this is slowly becoming a paradise. Crocop and Minotauro in UFC. My god, I could cry.

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Great move. Now there are interesting heavyweights to watch in the UFC.Couture, Nogueira, Crocop...Heavyweight is getting better again.

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