300 spartans vs 300 death eaters?

seriously who do you think would win?


One Wednsday I was able to access a video site of asain martial arts movies, now I can not remember how??


they are soo cool, even cooler now that the film came out.
i like thier capes.

PVC/tkd sandbag ? Malaysia/SIngapore ?

hmm. Death Eaters probly

Which martial art is best for defense against people larger then me?

wow good question. uh..


Who will win if silva and fedor fights in pridefc?

300 death eaters... cause the spartans are dead now...

Is there a rule that stops karate instructors dating students?

death eaters, even though harry potter is very overrated

Is what im doing kickboxing or freestyle karate?

death eaters only because they have magic though.

Is it true martial arts were spread to Asia by the invading Greek armies of Alexander?

How exactly does one eat death, anyway? And if you could, why would you want to?

Is there any way I can improve my speed?

they both suck. elijah wood in sin city would eat all 600 as an appetizer.

Should UFC fighters be allowed to strike the groin?

The Spartans they nearly won the battle the movie is about like 15 to 1.

Are you a generalist or a specialist?

Death eaters hands down. the 300 Spartans will probably die in the end anyways.
I wonder what it would look like if they replaced the 300 Spartans with 300 Death eaters in the movie 300... that sex scene with Lena Headey would be interestingly creepy... Don't you think?

Which is better, karate or judo?


What is the main differences between rattan and hardwood?

well, I could say spartans b/c death eaters don't "really" exist, wheras spartans did,
but part of me wants to say death eaters b/c they would try something underhanded

Hi I am looking for killshot training helmets for Martial Art?

Don't death eaters feed on fear, because the Spartans have no fear, they where like born on ar they eat breathed and slept war, you know the whole thing "great honor to die on the battlefield" and what not, i would say Spartans

Where can I find lessons in Kendo?

Why do people keepasking these silly questions? Everybody knows that Chuck Norris would win.

Old japanese culture is there a beliefe that ejeculation weekens the male ?

300 death eaters

Does anyone know any sites about ninjitsu or tai jutsu?

Death Eaters, duh. :D

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