Any good MMA schools around here?

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good MMA schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I have been invlved in MMA for almost a year (training for a yellow belt) through my college and I will not be able to train between semesters unless I find a MMA school. I just don't want to get rusty...


Good martial arts schools in chicago?

Hi, I hope that these are helpful, good luck!

How did u learn how2 fight? waz it hrd?did u get beat up?

Ron Van Brownings Trainers Elite
Top Notch instruction and one of the best Martial Artists Alive.
Ron is not only knowledgable, he has all the tools to put it together.
Golden Glove Boxer, San Soo 10th Degree
Escrima from the Presas family, Ju Jitsu from Wally Jay,
BJJ from the Machado's, and has worked with the Shamrocks, Oleg Taktarov, etc etc.
My older brother grew up under Ron's instruction earning his 3rd degree from Jimi Woo and Ron. I was his dummy, to say the least all my years growing up. You will be pleased and will meet some great people. Look up Spiderman Ron VanBrowning
and for all interested MMA stands for mixed martial arts.
To earn black belts in a few great styles from great teachers will qualify you as MMA or what is it labeled now?
My understanding is Submission has no belts, neither does boxing. Is this all the arts that qualify as MMA?

What type of martial art would best benefit me as an American Football runningback?

There are no belts in MMA.

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