A question for karate people?

I know you guys are into breaking things so I figured you'd know. Has anyone ever broken an iron bar. Not a pole but an actual bar


Where can I get a 20lb or heavier sword?

iron bars?phffffftttttt i eat em for breakfast.don't assume "karate people"are into breaking things.the only time i would break an inanimate object is if im using as a weapon on someone.only some styles break inanimate objects.

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Should Shogun get an immediate title shot?

I haven't . I have heard stories , but they were just that stories.

Will Randy Couture crush Tim Sylvia?


Who would win this fight bare knuckle in a cage...rocky balboa vs jack bauer from 24?

*waits to pounce on the liar that makes this claim*

Ohh wait, I'm sure my sensei can do it. he's got chi power, so he doesn't even need to touch it.

Is 89 dollars a month fair for child karate lessons?

if by "iron" you mean "styrofoam". . .yes!

UFC question?

Whom ever said don' assume karate people are into breaking things is correct. It is no part of traditional karate.
In karate there is a thing called a makiwara board. It is used to condition your striking surfaces. I believe people confuse this with "breaking boards".
As a teenager I used to hang out with guys that trained with me. We we were foolish and tried to break everuthing. We often got scolded for damaging property. But I have never been ordered to break anything in the dojo.
I have never seen anyone break a metal bar.

Although I did see a performing wu shu troop one time and a guy bent a large metal rod with his throat, no lie. I did not get to inspect the bar so I don't know how valid it was.

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I only hit things that promise not to hit back.

2 UFC fighters are having a seminar in NJ HAVE YOU HEARD!?

not personal. but ive heard loads of stories about stuff like that

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