Do u have to get you hands and feet registered after becoming a black belt?

my friend said that after you become a black belt you must get you hands and feet registered at the police station because you are considered a this statement true? if so, does it also apply to minors?


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No, it's not true, it's a myth, it's an old wives-tail. People who make these statements, comments, etc. no nothing about Martial Arts, just what they see on TV or the movies.


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No. If you get into something on the street and someone gets hurt, and the police arrive on the scene, you will have to explain in great detail what you did to cause injury to this person, and why.
Inevitably they will ask if you are trained. You can tell them that yes you've trained before, but they have the burden of determining just how much you've trained.
The law can make you register yourself, but there is no rule (at least that I'm aware of) that requires you to register once you receive a black belt. Besides, what about all the black belts out there who can't defend themselves?

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No. That is one of oldest & most persistent myths out there. If my hands & feet were classified as deadly weapons, I couldn't enter a government buildong or go on an airplane. The only thing that is true is that, If I am in a fight I am far more likely to face felony assault charges than a person with out training.

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yes and you have to get a special need a learners permit to learn,then a provisional lisence then an open lisence.this entitles you to beat up ppl at random.then theres a liscence to kill which only james bond has.then there's a yearly registration fee,a no plate that gets screwed to your back and a registration sticker which must be displayed on the left hand side of your face.
PS>to anyone who believes that you should give a warning first,that is a stupid thing to do.for a number of reasons one of which is if you hurt that person youv'e already admiited your guilt.
i know many times charged with assault!

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Dats funny, of course not , being a black belt doesnt make you a deadly weapon, my wifes nephew is 13 yrs old and is a black belt in tae kwon do and i would kick his little you know what if it came down to it. he's about 5'2" 115lbs im 6' 225 with no fat , so it has nothing to do with what color belt you have its all about physical makeup and discipline. now before all you karate kids start giving me a hard time hear me out I also trained in martial arts for years and it has done a lot for me both physically and emotionally, but dont run off believeing everything you hear or see on TV , it could get you hurt. I guess what im saying is just because you attain black belt status (while it is a great honor) it doesnt make you invinceable, and you should have learned that on your way to becoming a black belt, just remember its for self defense only and you should have no worries.

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Not in New York or Wisconsin (I don't know the law of every state and country) BUT...

Depending on local law, in some places you could get yourself into a heap of trouble if you don't give someone a verbal warning before inflicting any major injury on them.


There is a thin, poorly defined line that can be crossed between the time you are an intended victim and the time you are beating your assailant to a bloody pulp without giving him/her the option of surrender!

SOMEWHERE along that continuum what you are doing ceases to be self defense and turns into criminal assault!

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there is no such thing.

everyone has the right to protect themselves, and if you get attacked, you dont have to tell anyone that you train martial arts or have a black belt holding your pants up.

even when the police turn up, you dont have to tell them about your training.

only your name, address, date of birth, occupation, and what happened. keep the crouching tiger, a hidden dragon.

Besides, it because of people telling others that they are lethal weapon black belts that has showed the world that belts dont mean sh!t. belts show the level of in-house understanding of the given martial art. belts do not represent the real world outside the dojo...

oh, and the police will have a good laugh at you the second you walk out of the station if you claim you need to register your hands and feet. anyone telling you that you have to should not be trusted with any other snippet of information. either they think you a fool, or they are a fool thinking it is correct.

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I hope not. It so, then the seven year old third Dan's that the McDojo's are pumping out are going to take over the world one day!

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It is an urban legend.

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It applies in many states. Some do not require minors to register, but they must when they turn 18. HOWEVER, here in California there is a loophole in that law. IF you wsre trained either by a private instructor, or one that was operating a school without a business license (like many that teach out ot their homes) the registration requirement does NOT apply. AND anyone that receives their belt in California under those conditions is NOT required to register should they relocate to another state.

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No , that is the biggest lie in the martial arts world. Some instructors will claim to "register" their students for a price. The student is usually given some type of card for their wallet that says they are a blackbelt.
It's all a load of crap. You don't need to register anything. If your instructor says that you need to register as a blackbelt you are in a McDojo.
If you have any more questions like this e-mail me.

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No, this one has been making the rounds for years. It is all a load of bull and is little more than a marketing gimmick perpetuated by the McDojos of the world.

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no the only thing you have to worry about is "excessive force" laws if someone attacks you htisd doe snot mean you cant fight back but being trianed to fight just do what is requried to defend yourself if one kicks takes a guy down down continue to kick him etc.

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No, If that was true them how would they regulate all the people out there who claim to be Black Belt or how who bought some rank.

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