A unique self defense? please look?

im looking for a unique martial arts that is VERY GOOD and teaches great fighting skills, self defence, and good morals. i dont want karate or tiequando


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Hapkido, Krav Maga, Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, wrestling,and sambo. "Very good" and "moral" are really subjective. "Teaches great fighting skill" is always debateable. What works for someone else might not work for you so don't put too much merit in someone else's opinion, including mine. Different schools also teach the same styles in different ways based on instructor skill and preferences. Go to as many schools as possible and make sure your on the same page as the instructor and that you'llcontinue to go before you sign any long term contracts.

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TAE KWON DO. try krav maga

Is CRO COP Done Fighting?

Smith & Wesson works pretty well, but Remington is better. The blogbaba recommends a 12 gage shotgun. Inside of 20 meters there is nothing better, and there isn't a person on the planet that doesn't understand what the chambering of a shot gun shell means. Nothing better for self defense that some 00buck and a trusty 810.

Odds are pretty good no matter what physical shape or skill level you are at, today's criminal element is going to be well armed, and I do not mean they lift weights. Martial arts and physical ability play a role, but no matter how proficient you may be at your chosen sport, reality is guns make eveybody equal in a physical confrontation, and in todays world, it is easier for a kid to get a gun than it is for them to get a permit to get a gun.

Crazy world we live in, but there it is.

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any martial has its good and bad aspects it's good artist not good art good artist makes the art good got it?
I also want to mention that we are the same I don't like rude martial art like karate and so forth I would go for an powerful and elegant one like kung fu by the way it's tae kwon do

What is the quote...?

Well the guy above is right. But if you find yourself in a situation where you can go hand to hand then if you have to choose one art to practice that is a good combination of what you want then what you are looking for is Jeet Kung Do. The fighting art that Bruce Lee created. If you can find a teacher in this art you are lucky, if you can find one to train you, you are indeed fortunate.

Jackie Chan's martial arts??


For all martial artists?

Martial Arts and morals are separate things and you should probably seek different places to learn them. In the end, a martial art is for hurting someone. You learn that from a qualified instructor with proven credentials. You learn morals from your parents, or if you're religious, maybe from your church.

To that end, when looking for a martial art to practice, go for something that requires fully resistant training partners, so that you know what you are REALLY capable of against an opponent.

If you go with a grappling art, you can have more control over the results, by ending fights without striking and much less blood and bruises. You can decide exactly how far you want to go. I prefer this way, myself. If that's your answer, the best arts for resistant sparring are (in no particular order), Wrestling (freestyle or greco-roman), Judo, BJJ, Sambo, Submission Wrestling. There are probably others, but these are the dominant methods at the moment.

Don't get your morals from a martial arts teacher, unless that teacher ALSO has proven credentials in teaching morality. The odds are very good you will never find someone who is expert in both, so getting them separately will save you time and money.

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Check out Wing Tsun or Wing Chun spelling. Escrima would be good, too.

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