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Question:ur a student of hapkido and tang so do which are to martial arts thats repuation if suffering since the arrival in the early 90s of mixed martial arts tournements, can i have u honest oppinion on how u think them styles would match up againt styles such as brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai, sambo, freestyle wrestling, judo which are all combat proven.

lets say that ur opponent and u are physically identical

also would u like to see world class hapkido/tang so do players enter large fight organisations such as ufc or pridefc

when styles fail in mma like tkd kung fu or krav maga the myth sorounding the styles seems to die would u rather keep u style under raps to preserve the myth,

i ask u because u seem to be a very wise man with tonnes of best answers


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well I'm flattered that you seem to think that I am a "wise man" (I'm more of a wisea**, lol) but I just call it as I see it, no wisdom, simply my opinion, and just because I may lead the way with the most answers doesn't mean I'm right, only that i've been helpful to those who asked the questions, as most anyone else does and just give my opinion on many of the questions here. but there're several others here who can answer your question just as easily if not better than I can. My reasononing is to give an opinion as unbiased as possible.

The big truth about Martial Arts is that they are ALL combat proven at one time or another, but several of them like Jujitsu, Judo, freestyle wrestling and such were evolved into sport or competitions, just as Most Martial Arts have been ever since Martial Arts has become a "business" and commercialized.

I don't think that the Martial arts themselves are suffering due to the increased popularity of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu or Jujitsu in general because of their heavy emphasis in the MMA competition circuits. because there are schools of these Martial Arts that're world wide and continue to flourish due to dedicated people.

but unfortunately many people are (and often will) blindly following the "popular" idea just because they have an impressive competetive background and proven themselves and the discipline they study. but I still choose to study the discipliines that I do simply because I don't like to follow the croud or the "popular" view; and I'll still give anyone that studies ANY Martial Art their due respect.

My belief is that it should be a brotherhood (and sisterhood for the ladies who also study Martial Arts). that we should respect each other and the disciplines we study and learn from each other to become better people and better ourselves. Sounds idealistic yes, but that's just my feeling about how Martial Arts should be because so many practitioners from many disciplines and backgrounds can and have done it before, but when there are those who have the bad atttiudes it just tears down those bridges that were hard fought to build.

If you look at the match between Matt Hughes and Royce Gracie early last year, now matt only really had Greco Roman wrestling in highschool and college but he was able to adapt and change for the sport, and Royce had his training in Brazilian Jujitsu that his father helped develop, but he was also able to adapt for the changing of the sport. but the fact does remain that Royce was beaten by the better fighter that day, who just happened to be Matt Hughes. now does that say that the Brazilian Jujitsu will suffer greatly? I don't think so; and neither will Hapkido, Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwan Do, or any of the other traditional or classic disciplines, because it's the stigma of opinion that is the real problem.

Because if you look at several of the bios of many of these mainstream fighters had a classic or traditional martial arts background before they competed in the MMA competitions. (i.e. Anderson Silva: Tae Kwon Do, and Chuck Liddel: Kenpo, just to name a couple.)

these disciplines can match well against other disciplines but as I (and many others have said) will always say that it goes back to the practitioner and how well they have trained in their discipline, it's not the discipline itself that loses, but the individual, and therefore the individual must do better next time and train harder to overcome whatever shortcomings they faced before. and there's always someone better.

I trained with a Brazilian Jujitsu practitioner recently (the 15th if you're reading this much later) which he is a good aquaintance of mine (since he comes to many of the PPV's to watch the fights with the rest of the guys in my class) and he nailed me every time with his great set ups and body positioning that he used to put me in a submission technique so I learned quite a bit from him and look forward to training with him again, so that I can become better at my own discipline and share the knowledge of what we've learned with each other.

and the problem with being "physically identical" is that theres no one that's phisically identical to anyone else, there may be the similarities but we are all different but still are similar in our "core" as human beings, just as the Martial Arts are different and similar at the same time.

we may walk, talk, act in different ways, look different, speak different but we all are still the same fundamentally. just as ALL the Martial Arts are based around similar principles just taught differently.

and yes I would like to see more fighters with traditional or classic backgrounds enter in the MMA circuits more, but again these competitions have rules that you must follow in order to compete, whereas EVERY Martial Art has been developed from the beginning to do what's necessary to survive an encounter with someone who wants to hurt or kill you, and it means that you do whatever is necessary no matter how dirty the technique is.

and no I don't think that just because someone else was the better fighter against someone who studies the same discipline I do with these disciplines that are growing in popularity, doesn't mean I'm going to just turn away from what I've worked for, I'll still be just as proud of my Martial Arts heritage, I couldn't care less about what anyone else thinks of the Martial Arts that I've studied.

myths are just myths, just like fables, legends, or folk stories: as they're passed down and interpreted by different people, they gain a little more of that "tabloid" bolstering that only adds to the myth because it's only gossip that started out with only a small fraction of truth. even if what has been said is disproved, it's still the storytelling that grabbed you in the first place.

my feeling is that all this chest beating about "what Martial Art is the best" is just overrated, but then again that's what we guys do right do our best to look like idiots sometimes. it's in our blood right down to the DNA to show off.

I hope that I've given something of closure to your question, but that's just my thoughts and ramblings, good luck dude. :D

In the end who will have a more impressive career GSP or Hughes?

e-mail him duh

You cant direct questions at people on this forum

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First off you should have e-mailed him.
Second UFC is sport fighting ,they have rules, it's not the same as the street.
Third if Quicksilver doesn't answer , I'd be glad to take any questions. I have done some training in tang soo do , and soo bahk do, though my chosen style is kajukenbo kenpo.
Respectfully ,
Ray H

Why is there so much controversy over what martial art is the best?

Well even though I am not the guy you are looking for allow me to retort.
Hapkido and alot of other martial arts do not have competitions. Or many of them that do have competition, they are just Kata competitions that look more like dancersize or Thai-Bo. Krav Maga is not designed to be a fighting style it is a self defence and combat style intended for military and police to disarm and subdue people.
Judo, Sambo, JuJitsu and Wrestling have the benefit of having competitions all over the world so yes more artists from those styles will have fight experience. However, as much fighting experience as I have in Judo that's means jack when it comes to MMA. It's not Judo and Sambo fighters that are going into MMA and dominating. It's college wrestlers or guys who think they are tough getting into amature MMA events. They fight until they lose then when they do they go out and try and learn a bit of thw style of the guy who beat them. Some win more than othes and get scouted to UFC or PRIDE. But 9 out of 10 never go beyound local events.
As for BJJ. It is only popular amongst MMA fighters, because of the gracie family and it is a very basic form of JuJitsu so it is easier to learn and easier to get you black belt. Real Jujitsu takes years. Thats why you here about all these fighters who are BJJ black belts but guys like GSP are still only blue or brown belts in JuJitsu.
Also one thing about fighting is size and rank really don't matter. In tournaments they devide us up into weight and rank. But in real life and in the dojo. We don't get to train with nor do we get attacked by people our own size or skill.
Oh and other than BJJ, JJ, Muay Thai and Wrestling. You don't hear about other styles. Mean while Liddell is a black belt in Kempo Karate but they call him a freestyle fighter with good wrestling skills. And GSP is a black belt in TKD but he only realy used the kick boxing skills he learned and the JuJitsu.

Bottom line is these styles are not better. They are just easier to learn and use in a fight. But clearly the fighters with a long background in other MA styles are coming out on top.

What is best to take to lose more weiht kick boxing or karate?

I think I'm more interested in how BJJ would hold up against a gorilla in a full MMA bout.

they have already done the "boxing kangaroo". I want to see grappling apes!

What is the best way to become flexible enough for the splits?

and being wise with a lot of best answers doesnt mean it is correct. it is just that questioners have got the answer they required, for better or worse. there are a lot of good answers coming through this place yet they are not the answers that the questioner wants to here, be it truth or not.

its all perspective, especially here in the martial arts thread. but if you take a look at the religion thread the best answerer there is religious, so people vote for him if they believe, but it doesnt mean it represents reality.

one mans logic is another mans lie. to err is human.

as for mixing one style up against another, you have to eliminate the rules that dictate the terms. you cant take a special forces killer and then say "ok, but you have to fight submission wrestling only" or to pit a BJJ fighter against a Muay Thai guy and say "ok, but you cant grapple, you can only fight stand up"

any style can only be tested outside the limits of rules, and only then can you test it and the person using it.

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As a general rule, I would say that MMArtists are more well rounded to handle a variety of situations moresoe than the opposite. Having said that, the average person you meet on the street is more than likely not going to be a professional UFC or Pride fighter. In addition, if you've spent any reasonable amount of time training, once you encounter someone on the street you should be able to quickly get a sense of whether or not they are trained. Hapkido and Tang Soo Do can be deadly, but so can some shmuck on the street with a knife. It just depends on the person. No one is invincible, even Tito Ortiz & Chuck Liddell can be taken out. The octagon is much different than the street.

Celebrities in the UFC??

MMA is a sport with rules. fighting under MMA rules, an MMA fighter will have the advantage since that is how he trains. Without rules, a traditionally trained Martial Artist will have the advantage due to a better mindset.

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