About guys in karate?

LOL, I have to ask, and i guess this is mainly for the women out there. but what is it that turns woman on about a guy in martial arts. I mean I have experienced it in the past, since I am a Black Belt, I guess I just never understood it, unless it has to do with the knowing the guy is going to have self esteem and self confidence and be able(hopefully) to take care of themselves. But what is it about a karate guy that drvies women nuts?


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Not all women find martial artists attractive, but in saying that, I do. As a kid I loved martial arts movies like blood sport with Jean Claude VanDamme etc. Now I practise martial arts myself and I am married to a hunky, handsome black belt and I have to say that I love watching him fight! It excites me.
I love the fact that he can protect himself and his family. I like how it can keep his body in great condition and his mind sharp.
I think that the self confidence that comes with an experienced martial artist is attractive to people before they know that the person practises an art.
The attraction for everyone is different, kinda like a singer in a rock band may be hot to one girl while their friend may disagree and fancy the guy who plays drums!! Ha I hope this answers your question, or maybe it has just made you ask more questions. I have the habit of doing that!

How much could your mom chuck ?


Um. usually, where I come from, girls laugh at the karate guys. Get off your pedestal. Are you so insecure that you have to conceal a pathetic attempt at making yourself feel adequate?

Women definitely do not find "karate" guys attractive. Unless you mean twelve year old girls in your own dojo or something. Grow up. Stop trolling.

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wow what women are you meeting? my tipical responce is. thats gay.. so u spin in circles and puch air... then i say... i puch wood too... they they go "are you stupid" aucually both guys and girls say stuff like that.. coarse i only told like 3 ppl... who arnt good friends. with friends they usually go cool... and talk about fighting

Have any of you heard about the mma fighter in the hospital because his styles did not cover knife defense.?

I personally don't care if women find my interests in certain things "attractive". And if your a female, why can't you answer your own question?

Was anyone surprised Lutter was able to get takedowns and still lose? he was ultra confident in his grappling?

so thats why women like me?and all this time i thought it was my 9' dick.damn you hurt my feelings now.

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