All martial artists what is your favourite technique and best marial art advice received?


What is better exercse?.. Karate classes, or cutting down trees?

Well seeing as every one is sayoing round house kicks and next to impossible to do techniques in the dojo let alone in a competition or fight.
I will bring something different and more practical. I have over 13 years of Judo training.
When competing I love to go go in for a leg sweep called O Uchi Gari, then when my opponant lifts his leg to defend against it I quickly turn and throw him for Uchi Mata. then once on the ground I go for a hold down called Kesa Gatame or a armlock called Juji Gatame. In the event of an attack, I rely on basic leg swees and chokes or arm locks.

The best advise I receive is we are constantly learning for the rest of our lives. If we ever get to a point where we feel we can no longer learn. We are wrong.

"When your enemy comes, welcome him... When he leaves, send him away"

If you do Karate in school [if your a kid] to defend youself, do you look cool doing it?

wax on & wax off technique...advice - karate fo the dojo only

Does anyone know of any wushu classes in the southeast of england?

the favorite technique is either the crescent to a 360 or a butterfly kick
and i dunno the best advice

What all do they teach you and what do you do in kickboxing?

My favorite technique is a teep (push kick) to the face because it's incredible difficult to pull off.

I've recieved so many good advices that it would be hard to pick one. However I really like this one:

"In training, don't ever slack off because in real fight, the opponent will throw whatever he want to at you and you'll have no choice but to deal with it. You should look at training this way, the coach throw what he want to at you and you have to deal with it"

I don't remeber where I got this advice from though :-(

How else thinks that Herb Dean should be thrown out of UFC?

You don't have to prove anything to anybody... just walk away!

What is up with MMA?

Jackie Chan Lee

Ok so im thinking about doing martial arts which kind?

Spin hook. On the ground or in the air.

Advice: "You set your limits. You set your standards. Once you reach them, nothing less than that is acceptable."

Sword staff thingie?

round house 360 kick. Respect your oponent!

Does anyone know the style of shito-ryu and tell me if it is a good style?

Favorite technique? Can't say I have a favorite really, but when I am doing randori or jiyu waza in class or messing aroung with a karate buddy of mine, one that seems to present itself all the time is Sankyo - a wrist locking technique.

Best martial arts advice I've received? Hmmm. My Sensei recently said that to really learn, you have to become to an extent obsessed. I think he was right. You do. The other would have to be sort of a mantra in my dojo which is "Remember, you are next." Meaning, that as you practice technique on your partner who has willingly put themselves in harms way to help you learn, don't forget that you will be in your partner's place real soon - don't go too far just because you can or you will pay for it.

Prime Sakuraba vs. the top guys today how does he do?

Best advice

Just keep going! All martial arts are the same its all about movement and being able to move in a natural way. If any style is teaching you to be rigid and to follow a pattern then how can it be right?. Remember we are not monkeys, snakes, tigers or dragons we are people and should be able to move efficiently as humans. Use the forms to teach you the principles. It shouldn't be a painting by numbers exercise.



Which states sanction MMA bouts?

Spinning back fist, top mount elbow or triangle/omaplata transition from guard..

Best Advice; make sure you F**k him up!

Custom swords?

I don't really have a favorite technique. The best martial arts advice I ever received was 'Train like you fight and fight like you train'.

How long does it take to learn the basics of parkour / freerunning?

Mine is 'mawashi-geri (jodan)'. My senior sensei was impressed because I can kick high. If you aim for the head, and succeed in making contact, it also scores points (in competitions).

The best advice I've received, in all aspects of life AND martial arts, is to never give up.

Who you fight a tiger or a bear if you have to choose?

My favourite technique is to tell my opponent his belt has come undone, when they look down that's when I hit them. Best advice I ever had was from a senior sensei who once said to me:
"Give it some welly lad."

What is QI?

The wisdom you seek is close at hand, my friend. Follow the path to true enlightenment and you will discover the power that can await you.

Anyone know of a website where I can measure the distance from one place to another by landmarks?

"martial arts must be for fighting"

in responce to what is martial arts about.

I forget the rest, its pretty funny because it spins off into something like if you aren't fighting you are dancing. Intimating if you can't use the technique to fight, you are just dancing.
Its a really cool speech though.

Is this a fighter the UFC should get?

Groin kick, that would be one of my favorite techniques.
If someone attacks you....make them regret it.

Is there any way to stop new sparring gloves from stinking?

The teaching of martial arts in Asia has historically followed the cultural traditions of teacher-disciple apprenticeship. Students are trained in a strictly hierarchical system by a master instructor: Sifu (師傅) in Cantonese; Shih fu (師父) (Wade-Giles), Shī fù (Pinyin) (lit., master-father) in Mandarin; Guru in Sanskrit, Hindi and Malay; Sensei (先生) in Japanese; Sa Bum Nim (사범님) in Korean; Kallari Gurukkal in Malayalam; Asaan in Tamil; and Achan in Thai. The instructor is expected to directly supervise their students' training, and the students are expected to memorize and recite as closely as possible the rules and basic training routines of the school.

Statues in an ancient Hindu temple, showing warriors in combatIn a Confucian influenced martial art, students with more seniority are considered older brothers and sisters; those with less seniority as younger brothers and sisters. Such clearly delineated relationships are intended to develop good character, patience and discipline.[citation needed] In the warrior Kshatriya caste of India, organised martial traditions were studied as a part of the Dharma (duty) of the caste. The senior teachers were called Gurus and taught martial arts at gurukuls to the shishyas (students).[citation needed]

Some method of certification can be involved, where one's skills would be tested for mastery before being allowed to study further; in some systems, especially in China, there may not have been any such certifications, only years of close personal practice and evaluation under a master, much like an apprenticeship, until the master deems one's skills satisfactory.[citation needed] This pedagogy, while still preserved and respected in many traditional styles, has weakened to varying degrees in others and is even actively rejected by some schools, especially in the West.

A number of martial arts were developed in ancient India, such as Mallayuddha (wrestling combat), Silambam (staff fighting), Kuttu Varisai (empty hand combat), Varma Kalai (the art of vital points), Adithada (kickboxing) and Kalari Payattu (way of the arena).[1]

In Indonesia and Malaysia, a large number of arts under the umbrella of Silat may also include Kateda and Sindo. Kuntao styles are found across this region. It is difficult to pin down the origin of these arts, which are claimed to be indigenous but nonetheless have much in common with the Indian martial arts, Qigong, Yiquan, and possibly Shaolin Wushu or Kung Fu. They have both internal and external qualities so perhaps could be seen as an original hybridization of other arts, the origins of which are lost in the mists of time.[citation needed]

Martial arts were also studied in Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines, and almost every other corner of the Earth. This in turn led to further exploration of disciplines from China, Korea, and Japan for their historical and cultural value

that had nothing to do with the question !!

What is the 2 and 3 ippon called in shori ryu karate?

My favorite technique would be the hip toss from the clinch. I use it more often than any other takedown.

Roundhouse kick from my back leg would be my favorite strike.

The best advice from my teacher had to do with teaching. He said the best way to be an instructor is to both a master and a servant. As a master, you control the class and how the students train. But you must also serve as a servant because you work for the students to help learn and grow.

Jeet Kune Do?

my favourite technique is the anaconda choke

best advice = 'stretch every day'

5yrs brazilian jiu jitsu*

Who won the fight between Ortiz and Liddel in the UFC match up tonight ?

jumping roundhouse kick
and advice.. hmm
there is always someone better out there
karate doesnt make you invincible

What is it the Sensei says at the start of class when you bow to the mat?

David N: if you cant answer the question, stop 2 point whoring with lame not committals. since when is defending yourself needing to prove anything? lame.

as for the question:
throat strikes.

best advice would be not to play chess when you fight (you hit, he hits,you hit. it is unnatural to fight like people get trained), as a fight is all one way: the winner overwhelms the loser. so once you decide you have to, go crazy and keep the heat up.

What kind of punching bag should I buy to practice Muay Thai?

My all time favorite bit of advice: "Your opponent will try to read you like a book, so just make sure it's in a language he doesn't know!"

Another tip I heard was that "Any worthy opponent will recognize any pattern you have, and thus, be ready to counter (it) before you even attack. Developing a 'trademark' is not something you'll want to do"

I've learned that uncertainty can be the best defense. If your opponent doesn't know what's coming he won't be ready for it and that's exactly what you want!

When is UFC 67 on?

A good solid telling premptive strike or strikes to disorient your attacker/s then followed by a throw,lock,escape,etc

A jiu-jitsu reminder to all you wanna be street smarts lol

Does anyone else feel Joe Rogan is a real life b o n e r?

I like just the plain old round house easy to learn and can be very effective

Best advice no matter the art you choose or the rank you achieve you do not know the art you study the art there is always more to learn

Whats the difference between judo and juijitsu ?

Karate do ~ Shoto-kan style ~ Kata.

The best advice I've received was from my sensai Loh Beng Hooi.

Hook swords?

My favourite technique would have to be yoko geri kekomi (side thrust kick) or gyaka chudan tsuki (reverse middle level punch) best karate advice I've gotten hmmmm, I would have to say is to stay calm in grappling, the more you struggle the more energy you waste.

Is Kung Fu really all that spiritual?

Elbow strike got hit with one of these once knocked the fight right out of me

Mixed Martial Artist nutrition program?

great question

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