Any detailed training/ exercise tips?

for martial arts


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There are things you can practice. on your own, and things you can't. The first thing you should do is determine which those are.
In my case (I practice Aikido) - I can practice footwork, swordplay (Well, ok. bokkenplay, falls, stances, etc... on my own). Once you've got the pointers down, you can pretty much just go ahead and practice those things. That will give you an advance for class. Remember it's all connected. The better I know footwork, the less I have to think about it in practice and the more I get to concentrate on other aspects. Always strive for perfection.
Things I can't practice by myself are locks, holds, throws, etc... I can make the moves, but there's no way for me to know if what I'm doing is right.
If you practice a striking art, you could practice punches and kicks (Preferably on a punching bag) - As long as you keep in mind that does not replace a partner.
Footwork, stances, etc... can also be practiced on your own.

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Well, that can vary greatly depending on the style you are learning. You are not limited to much at all, except Locks, Throws and breaks. You can go through the motions of them, but it is MUCH better to have someone whom you can do it on. But on your own, Shadow boxing, kicks drills, combination hand techniques, combination kicks, footwork. Mix up your techniques. And get used to throwing a lot of different things. Even if it is hard for you to do it, keep working on difficult combinations. For the more you throw, the less your opponent will be able to throw.
As for actual exercising.
Workout regemine

• Push ups- 4 sets of 20 (Knuckle pushups)…1 set normal arm width; 1 set of wide width; 1 set of legs crossed and 1 set of one arm push ups (10 on each arm)
• Jumping Jacks- 2 sets of 30; 1 set of regular and 1 set of criss crossing legs
• Reverse pushups- 2 sets of 20; set regular and 1 set of wide width.
• Squats- 2 sets of 20; 1 set slow, 1 set slow and moving side to side.
• Leg raises- 3 sets of 15; 1 set of up and down; 1 set of side to side; 1 set of circular motion (all the while keeping your upper body in a crunch position.
• Crunches- 3 sets of 20; 1 set of regular crunches; 1 set of right elbow to left knee; 1 set of left elbow to right knee.
• Running in place- 2 sets of 2 minutes-the higher up in rank you go, the longer you run in place.
• Horse stance- start out at two minutes and work your way up to 10 minutes.

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No matter which martial art you are practicing...


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