Aikido vs Hopkido (not askin wich is better)?

Question:compare and contrast. the aikido i know has no strikes but i hear about hopkido having kicks... they r both filled with throws but sensei says they are totally unrelates... so can u compare and contrast and explain 4 me?
oh and i know hopkido is korean and aikido is japanese


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Aikido is from Japan, Hapkido Korea.

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ya, hapkido is pretty much like aiikido in a lot of ways, but you're correct in that in includes a lot of TKD style kicking. the joint manipulation is similar. someone wil lprobably fill you in on the history of hapkido, which is significant

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Hapkido like Aikido is based around the concepts of Daito-ryu Aikijutsu, but it is more aggressive than it's Japanese "cousin".

Aikido is considered a "soft" discipline because it's techniques match anothers persons movements or balance with a dominant complement meaning a throw or pin. So it keeps an opponent off balance to throw or bring them down without severe injury. but it also emphasizes the spiritual and philosophical development of the students.

The techniques of Akido can, when applied judiciously, divert or immobilize rather than damage or kill. As a result, some consider it to be a practical symbol of meeting aggression (physical, verbal, etc.) with an effective but merciful response, and finding harmony in conflict.

Aikido does use striking (kicking and punching) but kicking in general is reserved for higher variations particularly the high kicks because they weren't common with the combat in feudal Japan. Many of the punching or hand striking techniques of the blows often look like sword techniques prompting suggestions that it was originally based around armed combat, but they're not thoroughly studied as other disciplines that do make use of striking techniques.

Morihei Ueshiba declared, "To control aggression without inflicting injury is the Art of Peace."

Steven Segal I believe was the first practitioner of Aikido to make it more aggressive than the traditional version.

Hapkido on the other hand lands somewhere between "hard" and "soft" because it uses many of the techniques that Aikido uses accompanied by the "hard" techniques that are often used
by Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do in the execution of it's techniques and is considered the "authentic asian martial art of total self-defense", it deals with countering the techniques of other Martial Arts as well as common "unskilled" attacks and is used in such a way to gain momentum for executing the techniques in a natural and free-flowing manner.

If an opponent attacks in linear motion, as in a punch or knife thrust, the practitioner would redirect the opponent's force by leading the attack in a circular pattern, thereby adding the attacker's power to his own. Once redirecting the power, the practitioner can execute any of a variety of techniques to incapacitate the opponent.

Hapkido can make use of up to 700 pressure points in the body (as can Aikido), emphasizes circular motion, non-resisting movements, and control of the opponent. gaining advantage through footwork and body positioning to employ leverage, and avoiding the use of strength against strength.

In effect, Hapkido goes directly to the techniques, and uses striking (punching or kicking) to weaken the oppnent and then allow the practitioner to perform the technique. it can also incorporate the groundfighting techniques of Judo or Jujitsu just as Aikido can as well.

they are related only by the fact of their basis: keeping the opponent off balance and in an awkward position for a throw to finish the job and possibly bring an end to the fight with as minimal injury either to the practitioner or the opponent.

And as Jerry L stated (thanks man, I dunno why I forgot it before), a fact that both disciplines use (and I shoulda remembered it being a Hapkido practitioner) strikes for, is that the strikes used in both Aikido and Hapkido are meant for distraction to the opponent from the true technique you are about to use against them.

but in Hapkido some strikes are meant to dislocate the opponents arm, elbow or wrist at some point (not often used though) for easier pain compliance or deterrent against further aggression.

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LOL i have studied Hapkido for many years... Tell your "master" that they are extremely similar... hell I would go so far as calling Hapkido, the Korean version of Aikido. Now there are differences obviously. but the work on the same principle of small circle. Aikido is more dance if you ask me. We (hapkido) practice kicks as much as throws and falls.

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Hapkido & Aikido both came from Aikijitsu. With all due respect to your Sensei, there are more similarities than differences. You already named the principal differences.

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the creators of both Hapkido and Aikido knew eachother and trained together during some time...

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Aikido does have strikes, especially the Yoshinkan style, but the strikes are not the primary focus of the technique. The strikes are instead used to hurt and distract the opponent from the actual technique you are about to use. If you hit your opponent in the face then you maybe break his nose, but at the very least you block his vision with your hand/arm (he probably closes his eyes for a second too) so he can't see where you are moving and doesn't know what technique you are beginning until it is too late. Kicks in Aikido are sometimes used as well for similar purposes or to get your opponent to let you move in when he really wanted to move but instead he had to deal with your kick that turned into a step in.

I haven't taken Hapkido so I can't help you with the comparison, just want to give you some extra info on Aikido striking.

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no disrepect to your sensei but i think he and some other answerers need to have another look at where they get there information from.not questioning there ability or anything else.
PS.dont believe what you read on dikpedia.

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