Any ideas on some wooden weapons that I can make.?

Question:I am a boatbuilder, and I would like to make some kind of weapon, or training tool(s) for my teacher. It's gotta be legal.
He is focused on the internal arts primarily.
Liu He Ba Fa, Tai Chi, 12 animal forms, you get the idea.
He competed with external arts for years, bla, bla, bla..
He trains with weapons very often, and is pretty bummed on the quality of most available, affordible weapons.
He is a complete martial artist, period.
I would like to show some gratitude with a very well made...something.
Any ideas?


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the traditional wooden weapons include staffs...but you could also make him wooden swords,.and.actually, there's a TON of wooden weapons or wooden replicas you could make related to t'ai chi and kung fu....Ah

go to, then go to the Kattas link. There you will find a list of kattas and weapons in there. You could then research the weapons and what they look like. The weapons in there are for kung fu and t'ai chi.

That is all I can give you, but It will contain all the tai chi and kung fu weaponry you need.

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better yet make him a kamiza not a weapon but much nicer gift

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Well then!

This fella must be really picky if he is not happy with the currently available weapons for sale.

Wood does not seem to yield many weapons to be made for him that he would find too clever.


Am I not taking on some liability to answer such a question by tell one how to make weapon?

I personally want to learn how to make my very own Katana Sword. I think that a goal of making a very good one before I die of old age might be a reasonable goal.

Try tacking a very large sum of money to a 2x4 and waving it around in front of a prestigious law will attract lawyers; The most powerful weapons money can buy.

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with your skills I would make a tai chi sword out of purple heart wood...or some exotic wood. This would be exeptional if you could laminate the various woods together.

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there are so many things that you could make. I had a handmade bo for about 15 years that I just broke recently. I really liked that bo...

I agree with the above.. a bokken is a wonderful gift, especially when it is well done and a little personalized (if he uses that sort of thing.) I have a boken that has a nice cord wrapping around the handle which simulates sageo wrap. It's a nice feel for practice.

You may want to consider making something that is not a weapon as well. I would have loved to receive a large, nicely done shadow box that I could hang a kimono (grandmother's) or grandfather's gi in. I had to make it myself though.. all my students are engineers, oil field guys, or law enforcement.

Whatever you do, if it's well done, and you take the time in it pay attention to every detail no matter how small, it will be well appreciated.

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