Am I To Old To Take Up a Martial Arts?

Question:I'm always wanted to take an marital art since I was a kid. I'm now 19, but it seems like people who start it are usally like when there 5 or 6 or basically when there real young. Have I missed out on the chance to take it?

Also is it possible for someone my age to learn how to use a weapon such as the Sai and Steel Fan? If I can How would I go about it?

Do You Know any good sites to purchase those items.


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Kid, you ain't even started yet! In my T'ai Chi class, there is a gent who is 84 and a lady who is 93, and neither one has been studying for five years, yet, and they are both better than I am.
Answer your question?
For weapons, as well as your choice of martial art, you just have to check around and find the right instructor. My T'ai Chi Master teaches two types of sword, staff, and fan, whereas my Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido instructor from years ago would teach none but the cane, as he felt if you studied properly, you had no use for weapons, be they traditional or not.

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you were too old 20 years ago

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No one is to old for martial farts though.
Personally, I'm into Kung Farts.

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your never to old to do anything that you want to or that you put your mind to

Anyone know how much a month is it to attend the Francis Fong MA Academy in GA?

Seriously you need to do research first. Good place to start would be

To answer your question, no you're not too old, but you do need to do some research first to get what you want out of martial arts.

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no thats like saying im too old to study
your never to old for anything
also you dont need to purchase the items as you hsve not started training

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no one is ever too old to start martial arts, ive taught people anywhere starting from 6 to their 60's judo and they stuck with it for many years. age doesnt matter, and you are 19, that is incredibly young, you have not even reached your peak yet. plenty of succesful martial artists start at that age. as for weapons, no reason why you cant learn them, you just have to be able to find a teacher. you can try, they have sai there but steel fan is a tough one to find, just search for it on yahoo. you can also get instructional videos on them both but its not the same as learning it from a teacher.

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No, you are not too old. There are a lot of adults who take martial arts, including my husband. Sometimes some adults start it because their kids are doing martial arts, but you don't have to have kids. Sometimes they start as an adult, because they've always wanted to do it. Just because you start later in life doesn't mean that you can't become good at it either.

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I have to admit, you might be to old but, you can join other things such as kick boxing or tie bo( don't think I spelled that righ, lol) and when you go to sign up,go join the beginners adult class, and somtimesthere not only at a karate place, they can be at colleges, like after school classes, so really anything is ok for you right now

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I started Tae Kwon Do when I was in my mid 20's.

I started Tai Chi when I was in my late 40's. Many people don't start Tai Chi until they are past their mid 50's.

The Fan is a Tai Chi weapon. Most people do not start practicing a Tai Chi weapon until after they have mastered an empty hand technique.

To find a fan do a search on:

"tai chi" weapon fan
"kung fu" weapon fan

e-bay also has them from time to time.

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You are never to old. They teach beginning lessons for adults at almost every dojo. Besides you are only 19, you could do what ever you want.

Ok,,if i came to your do jo and went..."Im a KARATE MAN!..and started jumping around...kicking...punching..

I started Tae Kwon Do at age 44. 15 years later I am a 3rd degree black belt.

Yes you can learn weapons, although we don't do that in our association.

Best way to learn is from an instructor.

There are many ads in "Black Belt" for all sorts of weapons. You can also search the net.

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never too old to start, only too early to quit. just do it.

the kid prodigy's may have the head start, but people can catch up if the kids have been taught rubbish.

dont buy any weapons until you are sure you actually enjoy thestyle that teaches them. I would recommend Muay Thai for confidence and fight ability, then maybe moving onto something less alpha that may have the weapons you desire.

Wish me luck?

You can start at any age - you're never too old.

EBay wanted to buy.

Need cheap mma gloves?

19?you better do it quick mate you'll be in a walking frame soon.
forget the weapons just find a suitable martial art and start training.

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dude ur age is like... perfect... ur old enought 2 be serious and smart about it but ur voung so ya heal fast... ur in ur prime take it... ur not 2 old... people have climbed out of there death beds and started to pratice

Am I wrong or right?

you can't be too old,
however it IS best if you start young.
I say go for it

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no way!

What's the deal with "instant" black belts ?

I have had students that did not start until they were past 50 so 19 is not too old at all.

as for sites that have infromation on how to use a steel fan: try here...

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You are never to old I took up martial arts as a kid 15 and then stopped and took it up again when I was 33 and now at the age of 38 soon to be 39 I will be going for my first black belt.

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The key to become a good martial artist is dedication to practice--people who start early and stick with it can eventually be better by simple virtue of having had longer to practice. However, I started when I was 18, and I am regarded as one of the best martial artists in my area.
You can learn--and even master--any aspect of martial arts training you desire. The only requirements are finding a teacher and practicing diligently.

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No dude, you're not too old. I know several people that started studying it well into their 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's, and they're still doing it.

I've been doing it myself since I was 12yrs old.

so no, you're not too old to study Martial Arts, that whole business about being 5 or 6 yrs old to study is just a marketing thing, just like getting a child started in baseball or football at an early age.

but the earlier you start, the easier it is to absorb the training annd allowing it to grow with you as you mature.

and yes it is possible to learn weapons forms and such.

try to start looking for the things you're looking for, or if the Martial Arts school you wind up studying at has weapons forms and such, then you can ask the instructor to order you what you need to get started.

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You're never too old. In fact, being older is advantage in that you are more mature. I started at 31.

I have a 7yr old i would like to put him in martial arts about how much does it cost?

I have a new student in his early 50's, you are never too old.

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19 is still a kid.

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I'm in the same position as you, with the same question. I want to do martial arts/MMAcompetitively. I would love to get a few amateur MMA fights in before I'm too old. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Question for Aikido Yudansha (Black Belts) only?

nope not to old if you ask me i started kenpo when i was 29 years old

Take great care when training to avoid injury?

Not at all and to purchase tons of different wepons go on

they are reliable and sell things cheap. Also, they have quality items.

Any good Bokken Technique books?

No one ever asked if he was to old to learn how to play the piano.
no one ever asked if he was to old to learn how to say ┬┤hello┬┤ in english...
So why would you be to old to learn some movements even a four year old can learn ?

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Age of 19 is not old for martial art. I took up taekwondo when i was 14. About learning weapons it is possible for you to learn it is just the matter of time and how often you practice. Practise makes perfect. Don't give up on something that you want to learn.

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