A karate question:?

ok, so anyone that takes american martial arts: i have been taught the one steps, (a long time ago) and i cannot remember all of them, can anyone send me them (steps included) ?


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Ask your instructor. Different schools do different things. The one steps drills at one place may be different at another. Only your instructor can help you with this. Sorry.

What is Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu ?

There are several forms of Karate styles taught thru out the world. What "one steps " do you mean Uechi Ryu Okinawan Karate or some other style ? There is a book called "The Way of Karate" by George E. Mattson which you may find on EBay or some bookstores.

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You could practise karate again.
If you tell me what belt you our I MIGHT know.

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In order to answer this question accurately, you will need to be specific about which martial arts style, and one step what? one step-sparring?

Where can i find the percussive music used by kali and muay thai fighters in their training?

You could just take karate again, or just do some research... also, i thin that your questionis way to broad, there are a lot of one steps... like the guy above me said...

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