43 y/o is the champ...what does this say about the UFC?

Or what does it say about MMA? Does it mean that the 205-265 division in UFC is not competitive?


How can I beat up a kid who is 6'1"?

I think your question reveals something about you.

You are young and think there is no way an "old guy" could ever beat you. I thought the same thing when I was your age.

A few months ago a 22 year old "tough guy", just paroled from prison, wanted to spar with me. We sparred three rounds. At the end of the third round I KO'd him with a straight right following a left jab. When he woke up he said, "I didn't think that could happen." I am almost 52 years old.

Don't under-estimate the "old guys", that's what Tim Sylvia did.

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i think it says that randy the natural couture can kick some serious *** and his age dosent interfere

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why would it mean its not competative? i bet your a "professional" wrestling fan huh

My son idolizes Chuck Norris?

it simply means that no matter how old you are if you can fight you can fight...

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Hmm why don't you try step in cage with him? I know I would run and try to climb out of the cage if I was in with him and he want to hurt me. And I have my first pro fight coming up. That should tell you something.

Round or Octagon Sais?

I think it says that based on all the ways that there are to win a fight, athletes are able to compete longer (at a higher level) in MMA than they are in other sports.

That, and that Randy Couture is amazing.

What is the best kind of fighting I can learn?

it means only a fool judges somebody by there age.

How do you think the UFC matches up against Pride, now that the UFC has raided their roster,?

He is old but he's a great fighter and fighting Sylvia was a favorable matchup for him because once Sylvia is on his back he is useless. It is just a matter of time before CroCop is in there though.

Was Bruce Lee just a actor?

Age ain't nothing but a number.

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Let's see, The highly acclaimed fighter from pride "Wanderlei Silva" came to the UFC and fought Tito Ortiz and got KTFO very quickly. He's considered one of the best in his weight class. Oh, btw Tito is not the best fighter in his division by far. What does that say about Pride? Must mean that pride isn't competitive. Randy Couture is one of the best heavyweights ever, even now. Fedor Emelianenko was asked who the best fighters in the world were asside from himself and his brother and this is who he said. Mirko Filipovic, Randy Couture, and Wanderlei Silva. Randy is the champion not because the heavyweight division is crap in the UFC but because he's a great fighter. Good enough to beat Mirko? I doubt it, maybe in his prime but not right now. Does that speak badly about Randy? I don't think so, because Mirko is the 2nd best fighter in the world. UFC is developing its HW class, and i expect some awesome matchups in the future. They now need to find people that can stand up to Mirko, and that will be a feat all in its own. Randy DOES have a chance against mirko, if anyone does he does. He's a very smart fighter. Time will tell, hopefully in UFC 73? *Crosses Fingers*

George St. Pierre?

I dunno... What does it say that a 42 year old Bernard Hopkins is currently the light heavywieght champion and until recently was the middlewieght champion in boxing!?

How would Bruce Li have fared in the UFC ring?

it states for both UFC and MMA, that a FREAK like Randy Couture is a force to be reckon with. Yes, he is a freak, this guy is 43 and can out-cardio fighters half his age.

In any fight, including MMA, no opponent should be underestimated, no matter the age, shape or skill level, Randy "the natural" Couture demonstrated this, and Tim Silvia painfully learned this lesson, as he clearly underestimated Randy.

Randy "the natural couture" is not a normal 43 year old person, he is a fighter to be admired, and that's the reason why he is on the UFC hall of fame.

MMA fans anyone remember Jimmerson?

I tihnk it says age is nothing compared to heart. It also says that you are ignorant and really do not know much about MMA. 43 years old and he beat a guy who had a 12 inch reach advantage, a considerable weight and height advantages. Not only did he beat him, he made him look silly and destroyed him. Rand is 43 and kicked *** because he is skilled and one of the greatest fighters ever. Wtahc the fight and you will realize it has nothign to do with age, it is all ability and heart.

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It says that the Heavyweight division is not that deep. But to take anything away from Couture is wrong. So what if he's 43. Is this guy still not one of the top wrestlers around? Is this guy not in excellent shape? Age doesn't mean S**t. Couture is an amazing athlete.

What does this teach?

It says the guy that fought him sux which everyone already knew going in. Couture is one of those fighters that could've fought at UFC 1 or UFC 69, it doesn't matter cause he brings it every fight!

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