A question for the strong.?

Question:Would you know how a 8th grader can body-build or become super strong.

And after that, could you tell me best way to show strength to the enemy. I mean, if I body-build, i would have a good body. A way to impress him. That he is a coward, but very-very strong. I saw him beat up a 17 year old ( he is 13). The 17 year old was unmuscled, a bit fat, but a strong person.

I am currently only a bit fat, less than him. A 1" biscep, curve.
no abs. eye level kick. 5"4.

He is 5"3. muscles, but coward. HELP!!

Serious, very serious


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Rohan is this you again? I told you the answer when you asked the question, " I need help to beat up this guy." Look what i wrote.
Strenght dosn't matter that much. Listne to what i said earlier. Even if you work out it will take you are year to make a little bit of a differece. If you wan't to get big you have to work out at least 2 hours a day without waisting time.

P.s. I am throwing gold at you and you ain't picking it up damn it.

Who wants to see Chuck Liddell beat TITO's ***?

lift weights go to the gym (bench) play football <-- tackle
work on your abs.

strong abs are the foundation of a strong body because everthing is conected at the center.

I am sparring kickboxing in china and its full contact almost a real fight how do i get less nervous?

check out the gyms

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To learn some martial arts.
Winning a fight is not 100% depends on the body build.
A wolf can kill a zebra.

After you learn some martial arts, you have the confidence and skills. If people want troubles, they will not pick on you.
When you are good at fighting, please try not to fight unless it is life and death situtation. After the training, your body are weapons. They can hurt people badly. If you have time, try to watch the movie 'fearless' by Jet Li.

Violence against violence is wrong. It will make the situation worse. Winning without fighting is the best style.

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Well, if you really want to be friends with this guy i'd suggest not calling him a coward. Coward is not a nice word to say to a male. Secondly if he's a brawler and you want to impress him so he'll be your friend then go to a MMA school or jiu jitsu school and fight him or someone he couldnt beat up and beat them. that will surely impress him. If that doesn't work, buy him flowers and take him for a walk in the park.

Is there any kickboxing or ancient martial arts classes in atlanta?

Wow! it seems no one actually reads the question with the intent of understanding what is wrote.

Look you're young and you could do all the sit-ups and push-ups you want, and you'll get strong, but you may or may not put on mass. If you want to just intimidate him, your best bet would be to get a large entourage, a group of people who will help you stand up to him. remember there is strength in numbers.
Good luck

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First of all you are young and your body will only allow itself to do certain things naturally. You can work on body sculpting through basic calisthenics and weightlifting (high reps, lower weights) however I highly recommend discussing your physical goals with a personal trainer first to avoid injury that could hurt you more in the long run. I would also highly recommend a focus on flexibility (stretching) as a very important part of working out (in either weightlifting or martial arts, stretching is very important)

Secondly I would suggest looking into some form of mixed martial arts if you are looking for self-defense. A mixed martial program should include striking (hands, feet, knees and elbows) as well as ground fighting (wrestling, submission) to give you a well-rounded introduction. You should however realize that either weightlifting or martial arts are not instant answers. It will take time, patience and perseverance.

Lastly I would like to tell you something I learned a long time ago, and that is the most important thing to stand against bullies. Confidence. You need to be confident, in yourself and in others. If you know yourself, and you know others (as you already pointed out, you know he is a coward) then you have little to fear. Anyone can hit the kid with a baseball bat and be done with it. It takes a strong mind to be able to face the problem and find alternate solutions to the problem.

Whatever your decision I wish you good luckā€¦let you mind and heart lead your hands and feet.

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your an idiot and the ppl who give you serious answers arnt much smarter or theyve only just started on this site.does your mummy and daddy know your back on here annoying adults?
i think your dad needs to give you a good boot up the backside.

Who won the fight last night on the ultimate fighter. i fell asleep.?

Do some push-ups and go whoop his @$$.

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