Any advice? I need some. I want it because it really important to me. Thanks.?

Question:I take karate and it's REALLY important to me. I take it once a week and this week and Monday - 4/9/07 - will be probably the only two days that I have taken it twice a week. I got a new belt (I was tested for it and the test was ULTRA SUPER MAGA hard (Okay not that hard but it was hard) and the test for it will just keep geting harder.

I want some advice on how to go to karate more than once or twice a week with an almost full schedual. Also my sensei (karate teacher) takes the day off on one day I am free and the other day I'm free his day is full. I also have to make it work with my sparring partner who takes lessons with me.

Mon- 3 different things at different times
Tues- Hebrew school
Wed- Tennis and a lot of homework
Thurs- 1 thing that is about 5 hours (but suprisingly seems short)

NOTE: The days not on are the days that are either
A) My sensei doesn't work
B) My sensei's days are full or
C) I already do that day.

Thanks a bunch for helping me!


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When I complained to a friend that I didn't have time to do something I really wanted to do, he said, "If you really care, you'll make time for it."

If it's truly important to you, you'll drop something else. Or you'll find a studio with a better schedule. Or you'll get a training schedule from your teacher.

It's not rocket science. Everyone has 24 hours in their day, you just have to decide how to spend your hours.

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Good job for all your hard work...You might just consider spending that time practicing on your own or ya know your sensei is your might just ask him if he would consider changing his days off.

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ditto to what h2o said.and u may want to find another place to train on your days off.and u dont need nee someone there to help u get better.u can practice alone and work at what ur not the best at...

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You only need to practise 5 min per day! so get practising even on your own, wake up 1/2 hour earlier and practise even something basic every morning. you and your sensei will be surprised at how quickly you improve without taking on extra after school classes. good luck. don't get too stressed. (personally I would lose the Hebrew school.. what is that for anyway?)

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Not much I can suggest unless you can reschedule some other activities to the day your Sensei is off. When you say his day is full, does that mean you are getting private or semiprivate lessons? If so, is there a time you can join a class with more students? I think there are a lot of advantages to that.

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Well let me see...Monday is shot.
Depending on your partner perhaps trade tennis for Karate.
Tennis is great for fitness,so is Karate.But Karate has the bonus of self defence.Thats a good bonus.

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wat belt r u rite now? i just recently joined this karate place wit a friend and i enjoy it nonstop like thing i always try to workon are the basic kicks..fron...side.round... a kick 2 practice just cuz its fun.inside swing-roundhouse is my favorite.well u dont exactly hav to do alll of these things but it does make a slight difference and when i go to karate (well rely its a mix of a loota things like jitsu.tae kwon do,and kun fu) and im n a rely bad mood..i concentrate all of my anger and focus it into HYPER-ACTIVE ENERGY! which it does work but if u can try to go n a good mood so just n case u wont slip a sour note 2 ur sensei..when it cums 2 practicing sparring without a sparring partner , try to hav a dummy(call him around so u can practice on him to make sure things like ur elbow stike r clean, quick, and accurate.if there iz none n site then using a may not be of much assistance but it will help a tiny bit and thats wat's important.


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Hi there

My god your a busy girl aren't you!

When i first looked at this question i thought is was some sort of maths test. lol

Seriously 3 times a week is enough to train for any martial artist. Train one day and take the other off that's the best way to train!

Too much of a good thing and you will start to hate what you love the most. Constant practice doesn't make perfect just permanent.

I love it when people think they need to be at the dojo to train! There's loads of things you could be practicing at home or outside.

Speak to your instructor and get him to make up a training program with things you can practice on your own.

Sometimes you have to discover the principles of the techniques for yourself. I don't mean try to learn them without your instructor just try to polish what you already know!

Serious budo's no fun and you only learn when your having fun!



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You can train what you have learn so far any time any place, practice out side of dojo is essential, makes you feel good inside, even just 5 min. is better than nothing, but concentrate on this time. Your skill will improve, but it takes time and patience. Keep up a good work, we all do! Congratulations on your advancement.

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Once upon a time, there was a movie about a kid who learned karate without realizing he was actually training in karate:-P
The title of the movie was "The Karate Kid":-) If you think you need to find extra time to practice your Karate, then find creative ways of incorporating your Karate training while working or doing your chores. Think "Wax on, wax off" and you just might be surprised at how much time you can save by hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. There are other aspects of Karate training that can be easily incorporated in your daily activities like breathing exercises, stances, balance, timing and stamina. It's up to you to think of the ways. As the saying goes..."Necessity is the mother of inventions."

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Just practice hard on your own when time allows, and you will do fine.


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Our organization offered videos of the forms and one-steps (tae kwon do), and this has helped a few of our students who like practicing at home in their spare time. As far as sparring, my daughter, also a student in TKD, usually spars with me in our spare time. She has her own free-standing kick bag, and extra sparring gear, just in case one of her friends wants to work out.

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