(Cro Cop vs Gonzaga) Controversey stand up by Herb Dean or was that a normal legitimate call? Cro Cop fans.?

Question:Personally from the UFC experience i have seen i thought Gonzaga was very active vs Cro Cop on the ground. Maybe it was a bad call maybe not. Personally I wanted cro cop to destory Gonzaga but the standup i though maybe was a little early or in favor of Cro Cop.
Do you guys also think from all those elbows and punched Cro Cop was a little dazed and maybe drained when they stood up? I wanna know wtf was wrong with cro cop he wasent him self... He threw 1 kick!
Your opinion and thoughts...?


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I'm a huge cro cop fan, but i think standing them up was just screaming, 'our superstar can't knock you out on the ground.' so they stood them up. he was raining elbows on him and it's not like mirko couldn't have defended himself with proper training he just didnt have the ability on the ground to defend against those elbows. I have to say mirko got dominated the whole fight, however he did not seem himself. Normally he moves forward and if his opponent gets in his range he attacks. He didn't fight like he normally does. Was odd.

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I agree, I thought it was a bit odd that Dean stood them up when both fighters were active. Either way it would have been considered of benefit to Cro Cop but didn't work out that way. So I guess it is a mute point.
If the stand up allowed Cro Cop to knock out Ganzaga I am sure this would be a bigger controversy.

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The stand up was fine. It is about the fans. The fans don't want to see a guard and an occasional elbow for 5 minutes.

Cro-Cop was probably hesitant to throw alot of kicks because that is a good way to be taken down against someone like Gonzaga. He needed to throw more punches to set up the kicks.

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Bad stand up, sure.

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I agree. I thought that when Tim Sylvia fought Jeff Monson, they let the stay on the ground wayyy to long, whereas in this fight they were still active yet they were still stood up. Bad call.

I also think that he was still stunned from the elbows. I don't know, the whole fight he seemed inactive and just lazy. He shouldn't have been so inactive.

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