About ravenhawk and it's crazy questions and answers?

First off, he's not real. In fact neither am I. I am he and he be me. We be someone else. That is how I see most of you. I wanted to just let you all know without everyone jumping my rear end later. I like coming to this site and exchanging info. But you people with all those close minded views about realism. That is how you sound to those of us who are real fighters. Don't agree, I know you won't but those of you who know the truth about real fighting knows. By the way Raven will not be back, nor will I. At least not for a time.


For all martial artisits!?

I concur!

"Iceman" Liddell versus "Rampage" Jackson 2. Who wins and Why?

ok then

How do you do a back handspring on a trampoline?

Thanks for the two points.

Now. Put down the hash pipe...

Pepper spray?

Aren't we lucky to bask in the glory of such greatness. There is nothing in what you have just said that makes the slightest more sense than your superhero alterego Ravenhawk. I am surprised that you had the time to be such a dipstick when there are all the real fighters out there waiting for a real fight with you.

Who will win the Pride 33 maincard bout? between Henderson and Silva?

Is there a question anywhere in this? I don't think so. I hace no idea who you are (or Ravenhawk either). Have fun wherever you are going.

In which oriental martial art the grades are known as "DANS"?

To answer your question - Take 2 blue ones in the morning , 1 pink one at lunch time & 1 of each at supper time . Make sure you attend the group sessions , try to avoid any stress & ring me if the rash flares up again , Regards TM

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