300 spartans VS 300 vikings who would win?


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Much as I hate to admit it, as I am a descendant of Eric the Red, the Spartans would win, because those maniacs ate slept, and LIVED armed combat! Vikings were more surprise-attack raiders than combat soldiers.
300 Spartans could beat 300 SEALS or 300 Recon Marines, with Spartan weapons; SEALS and Recon are our very BEST, but even THEY aren't THAT good!

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300 Spartans
They were the renown for their supemacy in battle.

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The Spartans would have won easliy.

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The Spartans would have fought hard for their bum buddies.

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The 300 Spartans, because they were trained from infancy to be nothing but fighting machines basically, they are the super soldier of their time feard throughout the world.

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Realistically, it would probably have been the Spartans. Vikings were pretty hard core, but Sprtans were better trained, and better organized. But it woulda been one hell of a battle, because those are definitely two groups of people who were all about glory in death.

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Spartans, They were superior to everyone.

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Vikings weren't used to the kind of warfare the spartans were, which included various complex formations, not to say vikings weren't smart enough to fight this kind of warfare, it's just that they and their opponents didn't use it. Both groups are very hardcore, but I'd give the edge to spartans, as being a soldier was the profession of all men, training since childhood, although if the 300 vikings are bersekers... that would be something the the spartans have never seen before, I wouldn't know the outcome of that battle, and it would make an awesome movie!

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Vikings, because Minnesota is an NFL team and the Michigan State Spartans are only college.

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The Spartans were a professionally trained militarial contingent/militarial society.the Vikings on the other hand were thugs that raped, pillaged, and destroyed every society they came into contact with.

This being the case, through both lifestyle and training, the Spartans would have decimated the Vikings on a land-based conflict.

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Have you ever Seen in person,for Real(Not on T.V.) ONE man beating 10 or more men all by himself?

Im gonna go with Spartans. I haven't heard of Vikings taking on that many opponents. It would be a great battle though.

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