A question for UFC fans?

what is that the managers rub on the fighters' faces?


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Yea i was just gona ask this question. But i think its vaseline so the players cant grip onto the opponent face or scrape it hard or sumthing..idk jsut a guess

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Petroleum jelly (vaseline).

It makes the skin less likely to break open when they take a hit. You know how bad things get (and quick!) for a fighter when they've got an open wound during a fight.

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If its white, then its probably Vaseline. Fighters put it on their faces so when they get hit, the punch "slides" off the face due to the slipperiness of the Vaseline. Its an old trick to reduce the effectiveness of a blow and prevent it from "sticking."

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its petroleum jelly, reason being..

1. it makes the face more slippery kind of making an opponents punch tend to have more of a gliding or sliding affect, and to keep sweat from dripping in the eyes of the fighter

2. it is most often times used to act as a momentary scab in the way that the gobbing affect helps cover cuts and stop blood from gushing out of them, if you ever notice when a fighter gets cut in between rounds his corner man will clean the cut and then put a gob of pet. jelly over top of it to stop the blood from coming out of the cut and serving as a temporary scab and helping the blood clot quicker, it is most commonly used on cuts above or just below a fighters eye, so thus the blood has less of a chance of getting in the fighters eye and causing a temporary blindness which would impair his fighting ability and also so the referee doesn't stop the fight to have the cut fixed again and possibly stopping the fight.hope that helps you out a little bit

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It's petroleum jelly. Like in boxing, in MMA, they grease you up so that you don't cut easily.

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Vaseline, if you look closely before a fight or durring the break, if a stand up fighter is going against a ground specialist, the cornerman might rub vaseline on the fighters body to help build up moisture, making it harder for his fighter to be taken down, and also easier to slip out of submissions.

But it is vaseline, it helps cut back on friction from the gloves that would easily cut and scrap the fighters. It is legal, but when they put a pound of it on, or they put it on their bodies, I think that is bullsiht.

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