Any 1 want a fight!!?


Is American Karate can get black belts, whats that all about?

Theres an event that requires fighters asap... Grapple & Strike Fight Night 1
Nantyglo Leisure Centre - South Wales
March 3rd 2007

Looking for fighters of all levels to add to the fight card. we are especially looking to match the following fighters:

-70kg / 0-3 fight experience / no fights / for semi pro rules
-77kg / 0-3 fight experience / no fights / for semi pro rules
-84kg / 1 semi - 1 pro experience / for semi pro rules
110kg / 0-3 fight experience / no fights / for semi pro rules

What version of Pride FC do you like better?


What is a good way to maintain a traditional Dojo yet be able to flow into modern MA without losing tradition?


Good answer Rikkar Z.

Do you believe that some people can have a natural ability to fight MMA?


Are You Going To Watch UFC 70: Nations Collide?

I doubt you'd know what to do with it if someone gave you one

How hard should I push myself when running? And how far should I run?


UFC:65, Who will watch?

Im down

Tae Kwon Doe!?

Absolutely - bring it on!

Is this a McDojang??

take the chill pills budy!

Lifes too sort.

A question for quicksilver8676!?

See a therapist or join the U.S Armed Forces.


What are some new up and coming Pride Fighters?

if you want a fight , it means you do not respect the right to live .Therefore you will never understand what win or lose mean .
I am a fighter who never fight because I do not to show off like you .
some one has to say it to you .

Can pure strength beat good fighting skill,? are certain martial arts better for certain body types?

Go join the army..let's see how brave you really are.Prat.

I'm having a hard time choosing between muay thai or kickboxing?

You'll lose

Is Kung Fu a complete self defense system?

why not lets go for it if u think your good enough

How 2 make a naruto kunai knive?

Why? got somethin' to prove? because I don't.

Not to you or anyone else, so it's a waste of time to ask such a question to TRUE Martial Artists. because if it got out of hand, I'd hate to have to think about the responsability of sendin' someone to the hospital, because I won't go easy on them.

So sorry to bust yer bubble there buddy boy.

Martial arts..fairness?

What a noobish question, you ask to fight yet you post no address as for your question the simple answer is NO, "those who live by the fist will be beaten bye the fist."

Tadamori kenpo does it exist?

Everyday is a struggle and you want to add to it with this !?

The antagonising questions do seem to get plenty of answers though

Is there a pdf drawing documents for how to learn kung fu?

ha! ya got something to prove? nah thanks id rather keep my cool than go around letting people pick fights with me.

like my kancho always says

"a true karate ka will always walk away from a fight not cause he is afraid but cause it wont prove anything"

Where can I view Lyoto Machida vs David Heath?

What a dumb-assed question, but if you insist,

Tues-Thurs-Fri @ 8pm 6422 Coldwater Canyon Ave, North Hollywood, CA

Oh by the way, you gotta sign a waiver!

Where can i find a Mixed Martial Arts School/Gym near the Chicagoland area?

join a martial art or a boxing club you have a positive attitude to fighting and acquire self-confidence not too

What is "Kwando?" What are its benefits?

Is there money involved ?

I need tips on improving my muay thai skills.?

come on then dazza!

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  • I love martial arts movies dont you?

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