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Question:Now that I am interested in taking Tae Kwon Do more than Muay Thai, I wanted to know a few more things about it (but I still can't afford lessons). Whoever is willing to help me?
All I need to know is, when you first begun taking martial arts even with very little knowledge of it, did you ever feel like it was impossible to do or did you feel as if you'd be discouraged? I guess what I am trying to say is, did you ever feel so bad that you wanted to quit taking it, because I want to take these lessons so bad but I have no idea what to expect and I am afraid I won't understand how to do everything so I need some encouragement and hopefully alot of you will be able to tell me anything about it or what you can? Please?



What motivates you may not be the same as someone else that trains in Taekwondo. What I consider a reward you may not find rewarding, so what reinforces you and me can be different. For instance I've always wanted to be a better fighter, and I've trained in various martial arts to accomplish that. Many times other students at the same schools claimed they were there for fitness. Not to learn how to fight, or perhaps they weren't as honest about it as I was. I did other things for fitness. I wanted to be able to counter whatever someone else tried against me. I wanted self-defense. A friend of mine survived 12 vicious attacks on his life, because he had a strong reason for living. Picture yourself having already attained a black belt, and the benefits. Desirable benefits. I trained in both Taekwondo and Muay Thai and either one can be tough, but you just have to believe you can do it. Either one have numerous benefits to training.
Train hard and have fun!
The best to you!

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yes, yes, and no

Mirko cro-cop?

Sweetheart, if you really want to learn TKD but cannot afford lessons try some of your local YWCA or Police Clubs. Also try advertising for a training partner in your local paper or put an advert on shopping centre notice boards.
The only trouble with this ploy is you may attract every wanna-be hero in the place BUT; by specific and ask for a female with TKD training and you may get lucky.

TKD is easy to learn once you get over that initial awkwardness that everyone has with any new physical activity. Persevere.

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The best advise I've ever heard about starting marital arts - "I have never done this before!" Repeat this every time you get discouraged. Everyone has at least some trouble getting their body to do what its supposed to initially.

As for taking classes and it costing too much, check around. There are a lot of programs out there that have scholarships available, and some that charge less than $70/month (I have a sister school outside Washington that charges only $30/month - fully accredidated and certified by Korea).

First and foremost though, check the credentials of the school and instructors. It would be a shame to get a 'deal' for training from a McDojo.

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