All about Capoeira?

Capoeira film


What is the training Shaolin Monks go through?

Good movie. Capoeira is a deadly, mortal dancing .. it is usual people who dies even in demonstrations.

As great as MMA is do you think it can ever produce a match as exciting as a legendary boxing match?

Not really, but what are you talking about?

I am interested to begin training like a UFC fighter, what regimen is suggested? Thanks!?

The film I watched and got intrigued with Capoeira is "Only The Strong" The basic knowledge I have of Capoeira is that it's a Brazilian martial art which mixes music with martial art. For more you could have a look at the following website.

What is your opinion on exercise after reading this?

It's ok

Is Kalaripayattu the Mother of all Martial Arts?

it like the art garbage.

UFC 73, who will take it, Liddel or Rampage Jackson?

Haven't seen the film but many years ago when in Brasil was lucky enough to see people practising in groups on the beach and street corners. Didn't fully understand what was going on at the time, would love to see it 'live' again.


There is a class in this subject in my town, must get round to going and taking it just to see what it is like, be able to say more after that. Don't know the film

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