Any ideas for a sweatshirt?

I am in taekwondo with several friends. We also go to church together and were wanting to put the two together and make a sweatshirt. We were trying to come up with a name like "Kickin' For Christ" or something and have a scripture to go along with it. We were just brainstorming, do you have any ideas for names OR verses?


Brock lesnar vs tall chineese guy?

Make a picture of a cross and a TKD ying yang in it's backround and above it have ur studio name. below it say "We Defend Our Gift From God. The gift from god is the gift of life FYI

How can I maintain my Jiu Jitsu?

"Jesus was a Black Belt"


"The Greatest Sabumnim(korean word for TKD teacher?) of Them All"

Where did rich ''ace'' franklin get his nickname? is it from ace ventura,because he looks like jim carrey?

I come to you with Karate, empty hands, if forced to defend myself, hurt, maim or kill, may the Lord forgive me.


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