A) rampage vs chuck 2 who will win? B) who would u rather get kicked my crow cop or punched by chuck?


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A) Rampage (i hope, gonna be a great fight though)

B) Punched by chuck.

Chuck punch (500 lb/sq inch)
Mirko Kick (1500 lb/sq inch)

For the guy above me:
Mirko can kick just as fast as chuck punches, maybe even faster. Good luck dodging his kicks. I'm pretty sure if people know he's going to throw a left kick and are acclaimed professional MMA fighters and STILL get caught with it over and over again then you'd have no chance at all. You've obviously never seen mirko's highlight reel.

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Chuck will win. He is alot better now than when they fought the first time. Rampage won the first match but Liddell is without a doubt the best light heavyweight in the world and he will prove it. I think I would rather take a Cro cop kick to the head.

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A) Chuck wins in a close one. B) Neither.

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so many people have asked this question lol , icluding me. well this is whats gunna happen i think some one is getting ktfo in the first round , its gunna be one of the most explosive fights ever! but i think chuck is gunna take it because he wants revenge, and i would much rather get punched by chuck then get kicked in the head by cro-cop, cro-cop is an a other leauge than chuck is, and cro-cop is a heavywieght , chuck is lightheavyweight. so cro-cop would have more bang when he hit you.

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A) Rampage by 1st round KO

B) Kicked by CroCop cause at least I might see it coming and can avoid it.

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A. I want chuck to win. and
B. I'd be knocked out anyways so I wouldn't feel it but probably chuck for quicker recovery

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Im sure it will be a great fight, but if i had to place my bet i would say Rampage takes chuck out 1st round due to punches.

As for a chuck punch or cro cop kick to the head? Is this even a question. Crocop's kick can kill you, chuck punch will knock you out but not as much force as a high kick to the head.

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