Any books or videos or instructional guides for martial arts?

The reason I can't go to a school like I want is funding. I'm going to be taking classes for my profession and they soak up most of my money. I've read some books but they lack alot of information. I just need something that explains, teaches, and I can do alone or with a friend. I know nothing beats a teacher but sometimes you just have to wait till later in life. Raliegh, NC


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You cannot learn the Martial Arts from a book, video, website, or any other way besides from an experienced teacher in person. All you will do is pick up bad habits and improper technique that will be nearly impossible to change later when you can study correctly.

Don't do yourself this dis-service. Wait until you can do it right.

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GO on the internet and use key word searches.

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Is your google broken?

Would this help in a real life situation?

try some of these.

3. look up the style that you are interested in and find links for their instructional books and videos.

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search it using google.

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I have said this to everyone, yet no one has yet taken me up on the offer, e-mail me at:
I have a very large collection of martial arts instructional dvd. I would be more than willing to e-mail you a copy of my list and would burn "backups" for you on a DVD+ . Again, if you want email me at

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yes thousands of them

Anyone know a Martial Art place in singapore that provides private lessons? is the place i go...he's traditional, but rather expensive...or try king's kung fu...hes a small time business but i respect him and he teaches traditional arts too. BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE A TEACHER WHO KNOWS WHAT HES/SHES DOING!! course i have the same problem but still go to

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