Any one who does Shotokan? Help with Haien Godan?

Question:In the preparation from the 13th to the 14th movement, is the left hand on top or underneath the right hand?
This is the slow horizontal hand movement, just before the crescent kick.


What is the best way to become flexible enough for the splits?

Left arm comes from underneath. It moves from the hikite position on the left hip across the body open hand (palm vertical) and back out to the extended position whilst the right hand moves from the gedanberai across the body (on top) open hand (palm down) and then pulls into hikite on the right hip.

Can anyone help me find a brazilian jiu jitsu school around Monterey Park, california. i wanna learn so bad.?

this is a site with all kata movements

What would be a good form of judo for me to learn? I'm already an expert in Wing Chun kung fu,?

who is teaching you this

11 degree chain belt

Looking for sword schools in southern, new jersey. Do anybody know where I can find them?

I personally put my open hand under my armpit and slowly (half speed) extend it out from there, remember different schools have different ways of doing things. In my school things change as the chief instructor evolves new techniques, hope that helps

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