A black kempo ju-jitsu vs black belt judka in a street fight who will win?



Shaolin Monks or Black Belts?

it's the person that makes the style not the style that makes the fighter.

a guy without any m.a. training in past sports summer camp back in the days kick a guy's butt to the core and this other guy was 7years into judo training. so you never know.

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the ju-jitsu guy, they fight dirty.

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if thats what they do with ma there both losers.

I tried some grappaling?

The one with the will to win.

Does anyone know the rules for kyokushin sparring?

If there is a fight, then neither have won.

Whats the difference between jujitsu and Brazilian jujitsu?

What is "kempo ju-jitsu"? Does it focus on close ground grappling? Judo is an excellent sport and also very applicable to self defense. It involves not only throws (although that is the focus) but also employs chokes, etc. Without knowing what a kempo ju-jitsu guy trains, I'd say Judo. This is because styles like hapkido, etc that claim to train in throws and grappling really do not. Judo, however, I know and can say that you will spend alot of time drilling real moves and engaging in randori. Judo wins probably unless someone can explain what kempo ju-jitsu trains.

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look up yoshida vs royce gracie

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its "kenpo" and that is what i study so i am biased and ill have to say the kenpo guy

Chuck norris vs Bruce lee who knows martial arts better?

The kempo fighter has stand up skills, but as we have all seen. Most fights hit the ground.
Judo will win 8 outa 10 times.

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