What is the most painful aikido lock?


Fedor vs Lindland?

Ormawashi and Sankyio hurt like a **!

Who will fight in ufc 65? 66?

If you ask this kind of question you probably shouldnt be doing Aikido.

Hi, which type of martial arts do you recomend for a beginner?

I totally agree, that is not what Martial Arts are for.

Is tae kwon do used for self defence or is it just considerd sport?

The one where the sensei bashes you in the head with a two pound steel Master padlock.

Where's people wanting to learn jkd around modesto?

sankkyo! Yeowch!

I broke all my ligiments in my knee and i want to continue wrestling can you recomend one that is best?

There is no painful aikido lock. Aikido means the way through harmony.

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