A Question Concerning Chi?

I would like to know what chi is and how i can use it while sparring and for other things. What are some ways to get better control of your chi? Please give me all the information you have thank you all for your answers.


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Find a qigong class. That's VERY VERY powerful internal art to help you cultivate Chi. I know this from direct experience.

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Chi has a lot to do with your breathing while executing the techniques...there is the right time to inhale & exhale in sparring to help you extend your chi better...not easy to master though...

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Chi (in the sense that you want to use it) is internal energy.

It is not something that you can say "Gee... I wan'na use it" one day and do so the next.

Chi can only be used for self defense with the internal martial arts and it takes YEARS before you can apply it at will to self defense.

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You need to learn martial arts to know the answer to that. Chi is more than an answer from a question. It's breathing, harmony and Buddhism and Zen and Dao. You can control it through knowledge and breathing and meditation.

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Chi is extremely hard to explain how to use . I advise taking tai chi to find your own answers. At first , at least for me, tai chi will seem like a set of motions but as you get better you will begin to understand.

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"magical" chi is like god,

it doesn't exist no matter how much people want it to.

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Many modern practioners describe qi as "biomagnetism"; I, however, think that it is simply a wholistic examination of energy rooted in a Daoist world-view, rather than a Western, reductionist world-view.
As for gaining proficiency in qigong, if you can't find an instructor nearby, I recommend the resources available at:

Practice hard!

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