Any of you guys think your good enough to be in the MMA?

If you said yes your a liar you would get your *** kicked.


Does anyone know anyone in west texas who is a qualified krav maga instructor?

Yes, you stupid troll I have fought MMA. I have a 5 wins & 1 loss. So I'm not lying, and my *** wasn't kicked. My loss was my very first MMA fight due to a submission.

Bringing UFC to Australian TV?

as long as I fight someone worse than me, I can beat anybody

I want to join a martial arts class, but i'm wearing glasses.?

Not saying I'm good, I need more training as far as being in the cage. But I have extensive grappling and striking training through the Marine Corps.

Why does everyone like Ninjas so much?

No. I am not good enough to fight in the UFC. Are you happy now. But I am certainly better looking than most of those punch drunk meatheads.

How can i have an explosive right hand?

Well, I have trained in several different martial arts, but I have never trained enough to want to go into mma cage fighting like in the ufc, or something like that. I have trained in Muay Thai, Hapkido, and Brazilian Jujitsu, but all lightly, and I probably got in like three months of each. Not good enough, but if anyone puts their heart into something, they can succeed.
Thanks for your time.

Is this authentic martial art fighting or more demonstration and show?

...You may want to read my 360 page. I wrestled in high school. I've been doing Muay Thai for four years and fought in amateur Muay Thai. I have some training in grappling. Now I train at three different gyms under four different coaches. I have a professional MMA fight coming up in July.

What is the best Martial Art?

I compete in MMa myself not sure about what you thinking UFC or pride but there are MMa shows all over the country

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