300 Vs The 1986 Chicago Bears?


Silat or Kung Fu in Bangkok or Malaysia?

Chuck Norris, of course. Chuck Norris ALWAYS wins!

Who's the best fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) right now?

dont make me smile as u know how and who will end it as loyal to other

Can someone help me with learning how to counter attack better in fighting with martial arts?

1986 Chicago Bears ... lol ... nice question ...

Where can i find free martial arts Curriculums?

super bowl shuffle!

da bears!

$hiiiiiiit. . .singletary alone is a bad-*** (shut yo mouth)...just talking about mike. . .LOL

Surviving the streets?

I'll take the guys with the swords, chain mail and arrows.

Shoulderpads aren't good at stopping bladed weapons.

I need your help please, what is a good type of martial arts for me? Detials below?

How about the 300 v. Ditka?

Can a woman beat a man without a hit below the belt?

The 1986 Chicago Bears would win. I watch football LOL.

Any recommendations on Kung Fu Studios in Los Angeles, CA?

Da' Bears

UFC question. Does "Rampage" Jackson deserve a Light Heavyweight title shot already against "Iceman" Liddell?

85 bears maybe..but not the 86 team..lol

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