"when dana white and tito ortiz will fight in the ufc"?


How do you take a heavy person down using the Judo method?

Looks like it's not going to happen.

My question is, why is the UFC broadcasting 3 separate shows more than an hour and a half each as if the match DID take place? Instead, you just get a history of how "great" Dana White is and when it comes time for the match you see that Dana was ready but Tito never showed.

Absolutely pathetic.

Bruce lee in his prime would he last in the UFC / MMA with todays fighters?

They won't. After the boxing match fell through, the NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) won't give them licences to to another fight after Tito flaked on the first one.

Is it harder to wrestle a slender person?

yeah it definetley not suppose to happen since those official guys said theres no way..its fucked up thought..the commercials said they fought..then wen we watched it on tv we just saw dana training n shyt..thats bullshyt. wasted 1.5 hrs of my life.

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