About Bo`s?

I take Shotokan Karate(and jujitsu) and my sensei teachs weapons(sadly he doesnt teach bokken which i love) but he teachs Bo which i love also,is bo hard to learn? and does a "Available in 6 foot long Bo staff. 1 1/4 inch diameter. Made of hardwood stained black" for 20.95 sound like a good deal? thanks,blessings


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Ask your sensei. he should actually be able to get you at wholesale cost.
I think we sell ours for about $15.00
We issue hard wood tapered 6ft bo's.
You do not want a sift wood that bends. That is not how Okinawan weapons work, that is more for kung-fu.
The bo was originally a farm implement so it was sturdy. The bo you buy should be able to withstand repeated blows from other bo's.

The one you described sounds adequate but double check with your Sensei or Sempai.


You can get a Bo or a Jo!

Why Filipinos Martial Arts changes often thiers stories and origines of thiers filipino arts.?

$21 sounds exy to me but i make my own.some hard woods are not suitable as they split.and any one with a tradional bo probably won't work with you as hard wood will also ruin thier bo.same with kali/escrima sticks.

Martial artists?

That is a very good price. Personally, I prefer ash or oak for mine. The bo is actually one of mankinds oldest weapons and is probably most widely used. It is the first weapon taught in MOST styles that include weapons and while it is by no means "easy" it is a basic weapon, one from which the skills necessary to learn most other weapons can be built upon. It has been, for over 30 years my main combat weapon.

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"Plus I have really good bo staff skills"

-Napoleaon Dynimite

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