A question about martial arts competitions...?

Question:Say you've gotta travel to get to the place where a competition is being held.
Assuming you're doing weapons forms, how does one get their weapons to said competition?
You can't exactly walk through an airport with a sword or bo strapped to your back, you know?


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Since "911" these items is no longer a "carry on"

Declare them and have them put in the cargo hold with other "Non carry on luggage"

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Depending on the country, you should be able to carry such weapons because you have a reason for having them, being on your way to a competition, as long as they are covered up within a bag or case, etc to not cause alarm to the general public, and with flights in particular such items will usually have to be stored in the hold

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You call TSA and find out how to properly check your weapons. You might just be able to throw them in your suitcase.

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Your Instructors should have advised you on this
matter ! Several times in a year, groups of "Top students"
are assembled for various Tournaments, to take part in
their ' Rank' in competitions. No student is 'Left' to do
this, individually . If this is your case, your schools
Honor is Questionable.
The Instructors, & directors, Know the Rules &
Regulations of Travel, they have done this hundreds of
times !

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My friends has taken swords with him on trips, at the airport they put a tape around the package that shows if it has been tampered with, and it goes in the cargo obbiously not with the carry on, as long as you inform that airport that you have the weapon for martial arts competition purposes everything should be fine.

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