A matter of skills or power?

if you had to deal with a strong person what would you preffer to be a bodybuilder or a kickboxer ?


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Sadly, this is not an easily answered question. I will give you my opinion, but only for the first part of your question about skill and power. The second part of your question, referring to the bodybuilder and the kickboxer, doesn't really make sense to me. A bodybuilder knows nothing of fighting (assumedly) because he/she spends time lifting weights and exercising, not training for fighting, so the question of who would win between a bodybuilder and a kickboxer would be the kickboxer, but that has little to do with your first question, (though not nothing, just little).
The question of skill vs. power is a very old one. Though simply asked it is a complicated answer. Power, refers to a person's raw strength and body size: how big they are and how much force they can put out. Skill, refers to a multitude of things: speed, technique, experience, knowledge, and probably a couple I can't think of right now. Taking into account these factors I would answer your question like this:

Skill (almost any level) vs. Power (little to no experience)
Winner- SKILL
When a person with even minimal martial arts/fighting skill goes against a strong and powerful person who knows nothing of fighting, the skilled person will almost always win. If merely for the confidence factor, skill wins. Not to mention having some ability to gauge your opponent, knowing how to strike, how to block, or simply knowing how to make a proper fist! A powerful opponent who punches with his thumb tucked in his hand is a defeated opponent.

Skill (low to some high levels) vs. Power (medium exp.)
Winner- POWER
Sadly, if a powerful person has even a little experience or knowledge of martial arts/fighting, I'd say that as much as 60-70% of martial artists would get their buts whooped. This is put very simply: you may know how to punch, but if you can't do it hard enough what good will it do? Tall, wide, and strong opponents who know how to fight are notorious for being difficult to take down. Only a small percent of fighters when unequally matched in size/strength can be victorious. They are the following...

Skill (high levels) vs. Power (any level of exp.)
Winner- SKILL
There are two very notable exceptions to the above match-up: exclusive knowledge and extreme skill. Exclusive knowledge refers to fighters who have either a lot of previous experience with powerful opponents or have specific training in taking down opponents of any size (striking points, take down maneuvers, etc.). When you know where and how to strike to disable a person their size/strength matters not; for who out there is so powerful that a poke to the eye or a kick in the shin doesn't hurt? The other type I referred to as extreme skill, is the person who has reached the "master" level in a martial art. A person who has dedicated many years to learning their art, and though they may not say it, know in their minds that they are masters.
My advice would be to train 80% skill and 20% strength, with specific training in large opponent take-downs. This way you are strong for a martial artist, and have specific skill in power opponent fighting.

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bodybuilding and/or kickboxing have nothing to do with any of this.

to be quite honest with you...it really is about skill pertaining to one's mental capabilities and this is the main focus that should be accomplished if you get into the right "karate" "studio".

I have dealt with many "stong" people in my life and have managed to either over power or at least "get away" not always due to strength brought about by power.

Think about the child who gets away from the "kidnapper"...it has everything to do with "smarts" not their kickboxing or bodybuilder abilities.

take care

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Kickboxer... when it comes to combat Speed and stamina always trumps Power..

This was a no brainer..

Oh and don't but the bullshit about karate or any other martial training... if you know how to strike as long as your quicker technique dont mean *.

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you are asking the question like someone who doesn't have a background in fighting would ask it.

Sounds like what you mean to ask is Stregth or Power.

Speed, natural stregth, and technique (skill) combined equal power.

A "strong" person, does not neccisarily mean they can utilize that stregth for striking.

If that was the case then just pick the strongest boxer and they could just wrap it up and call it a day and all go home.

Stregth and size does get to a point where skill can't match.
If we are talking about that type of gap (the guy outweights me by 200+ lbs, or even 100).

The simple truth is that in order to overcome that stregth, you do need to be more skilled, much more skilled.

As far as training and power comes into play. It is better to be the weaker guy who can deliver more power, because he can utilize 100% of his body's muscles efficiently, than the stronger guy who can't even use half his muscle efficiently.

This is the difference between the big guy bieng able to use only his pecs to deliver force (half-his bench press if we need a number) versus the properly trained fighter who can use his legs, hips, shoulders, pecs, and arms to deliver force. so basically you are adding up his squat, shoulders, trunk, bench and possibly curl and dividing by half for his number.

Its not exact- not really a great description, but a way to quantify it to easier understand.

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It is all about training, as has been said in response to this question already. Just to give an example though to back all this up...
I am 125 pounds 5'6" and in good shape. I am part of a school kendo club (Japanese sword fighting for those of you not familiar with armed combat. I know its not useful in the real world anymore, but its fun) I am fairly skilled but only started recently. One of my friends in the club is 5'2" and 90 lbs. He is in good shape but i am much stronger than he is. He can beat me every time because he has been sparring for 8 years. I am stronger and have better endurance, but he has more skill.

It comes down to that in all but the most grossly mismatched cases, skill will prevail over brawn.

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Strength matters, but technique matters more.

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I would prefer to be a kick boxer, although both come hand in hand. I need power to throw a shot, but I need skills in order to throw the shot as well. So, I'd rather be a body building kick boxer.

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