Aikido: Mune tsuki kotegaeshi?

Question:I'm testing for rokyu soon, so please forgive me if I have no idea what I'm talking about. :)

The way I was taught this technique was to pivot out of the way of the mune tsuki to to the outside of uke (now nearly facing the same direction as uke), place my inside hand on uke's extended wrist, and lower my center to set uke off balance. Then to continue my pivot a little more while placing my other hand over uke's, and finally step back with my outside leg and lower my center more all while rotating uke's wrist outside.

My question is out of curiousity: Why does uke keep the arm extended throughout the whole technique, following nage through the pivot and so on? Wouldn't uke be better off retracting his or her arm?

I'm not attacking aikido by any means; I'm just very curious. Thanks! :)


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In training... especially in the beginning you are just getting to feel of things. Your body is still learning. So slow attacks are acceptable. If they were to recoil, to off balance them you would just grab their bicep and pull them down.

BUT, aikido was an art created from ancient martial arts created by samurai, to fight an armed attacker if they were ever to lose their weapons. So the movements of mune tsuki are meant to think of having an imaginery knife. But, it is also applicable to the same directional attack.

Also, I think you are doing your kote gaeshi wrong, or differently. There are two styles to Aikido, some teachers teach the "soft" style and some the "hard" style. The "soft" style is where you turn their wrist and place your hands over their fingers and hopefully that is enough to off balance them. In "harder" aikido you actually lock the wrist. You dont concentrate so much on lowering your center so much you may off balance yourself. In the harder kote gaeshi, you turn, grab their hand placing your lead hands fingers around the meat of the thumb and placing your thumb on their pinky knuckle and then with your other hand grabbing their wrist and actually turning their hand out with your lead hand and locking it causing pain and dropping them.

So, just continue your training.. it will come to you. Try going to different dojos, talking to others. The art blooms new ideas and insights all the time.

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don't do aikido i do karate but i can answer. when you practice these you are practicing them slow to learn the form. but if you were doing this for real it would be fast and your attacker would be stunned. good job email me at if you have anymore questions.

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Because mushi mushi, sushi domo ari gato mr. roboto. Godzilla kabuki sashimi toyota saki mr. miyagi.

From what I hear anyways.

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Aikido is not a single person activity. Uke is there to help you learn the technique. As you gain experience you will also perform the techniques faster. Probably when you reach Shodan or Nidan you will be able to perform these techniques "at speed". Until then, Uke is letting you learn the technique.

The idea is that as you take Uke's center and take him off balance, using "unbendable arm" and moving from your center, you prevent Uke from retracting his arm or performing some other technique as you complete yours. It is very hard for someone to take their arm back when they don't even have enough balance to stand.

If Uke is able to bring his arm back or do something else, then you have not taken his center, and now you will need to react with a different technique to regain control of Uke's center.

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You are using the big circle to better understand the small circle. If you start with the small circle (i.e. - if the uke retracts the arm too quickly to start) you will have a much more difficult time feeling the flow.

It's easier to go big and pull in later, than to get accustomed to going small then try to push out. This a basic truth in the practice of martial arts.

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