"Iceman" Liddell versus "Rampage" Jackson 2. Who wins and Why?


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Liddell is going to win! His punches are just too powerful it might take a couple rounds but it will only take one good hit. It's going to take a lot more than Jackson to put Chuck down. He's unstoppable and it's going to stay that way for awhile.

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Liddel, KO first round. Chuck has improved more than Rampage has since their first fight.

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iceman hands down he has the best foot work around he knows how to move around the ring to seat you up and it doesn't take but one clean punch to get him on a role and your out and the main reason where most guys reach out to grab you they grab back where chuck 90% of the time he is punching you off and it just opens up that big KO and he has the kicks to go along with his boxing ability to KO you out. plus the last time he face rampage it was in a tournament and that had alot to mess with his endurance and mind plus he was injure so this time its going to be diff but rampage have the tools to win to but where not going there cause chuck going to win this time

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I can not pick, it is to close to call. This time the rules favor the Iceman because there is no 10 minute first round, plus it is easier to stay on you feet with the cage, and since he is champ they will stand the fight up quick if it stalls on the ground, plus he might get away with a fence grab or two, all those things favor the Iceman because you and I know he wants to stand and trade bombs. Rampage is good at stand up also but there is no way he wants to stand with Liddell the whole fight. Rampage wants to bob and weeve, throw straight rights and left hooks to get inside, pin Liddell up against the fence, use a couple of knees, piick him up and dip him, then ground and pound him. I think it will be harder for him this time because Liddell is in better shape then before. I'm am split on the pick, I give a slight edge to liddell because of UFC rules but other then that it is a toss up to me and I could care less who wins. I will be in San Luis Obispo for the fight though, Chuck's home town and the party will be downtown.

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Chuck lost the first match so you can bet the farm he will bring his "A" game this time. He will be in awesome shape and will leave knucle bumps all over Rampage this time. He feels he has something to prove and I predict an early knockout for the Iceman. I look forward to watching this fight. Rampage can only hope he can wear out Chuck but I do not think that will happen this time. The UFC rules favor Liddell and Iceman fans will be pleased when the announcer calls out Chuck as the winner.

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I am taking Rampage in this fight. Everyone seems to think that Chuck is going to walk all over Rampage but it is not going to happen. Chuck can throw a punch but the problem for Chuck is that Rampage can take those punches, he is one of the hardest guys to knock out. Chuck has had a few moments in his last two fights where he got staggered, once against Tito and once against Sobral and Rampage throws a much harder punch then both of these guys. This is going to be a hard fought fight and both guys are going to have their hands full but I am going to take Rampage by KO in the third round. I do not think Chuck has improved enough to take out Rampage. Chuck is a great fighter and on a hell of a winning streak but all streaks come to an end and I think it will happen in this fight.

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I think everybody forgets the first fight between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Chuck liddell, incase you forgot here you go: http://www.allrampage.com/desktopmodules...

more about rampage can be found here: http://www.allrampage.com/frontend/biogr...


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