A fighting style that emphasizes total power and overwhelming strength?

I want to know if there are any fighting styles that basically follow the rule of just kicking total ***. Kind of like what someone like the rock or a spartan warrior would adhere to. If you dont know what I'm talking about, just watch "The Rundown" or the newest movie "300", youll see what I mean when I say a fighting style that just lays it on anyone who messes with you! Any ideas?


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thats not a fighting style, thats a mental state. no fighting style says get into fights and smash things. its up to you how you choose to fight.

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Yes there is...

It's very popular amongst a lot of people.

It's called BRAWLING... Just go fight. Just hope you're the biggest ALL the time.

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any military combat style like krav magna

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first of all stregth and power are two different concepts.

There is no overwhelming style otherwise everyone would study it.


If you are only half as strong as the next guy, but can deliver your strikes at full power, and he doesn't know how to use his stregth to generate power- then he is going to not hit as hard as you.

Ask the japanese at hiroshima if they were on the recieving end of this "overwhelming" martial art. Oh wait they can't answer you.

I guess we have a winner.

Its called science and technology that is designed for war.

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Any style can be utilized to have total power and over whelming strengh, but if I have to mention one,it ought to be Muay Thai, with those knees, elbows, kicks, and punches, it could be very deadly to unleash.

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CQB, or anything that teaches you to attack first and maintain the advancing of your direction. jumping in and out is not efficient enough. you need to go go go until its over. fighting is not a sport of taking turns.

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Nothing does that that works. Even Sumo is a very technical art that requires discipline and technical understanding. Remember that is a MOVIE, not a real application of fighting. When armies would fight back in that time, it was not majestic or glorious to watch, it was glory and very brutal. People died terrible deaths during that time and those that survived usually did not live very good lives if they managed to survive the other encounters. Those warriors that survived were smart, fast and very evasive. They would not go charging at a set group of ready soldiers with a sword over their head looking to swing it down upon the heads of their enemy. People like that are usually the first to die.

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