Question:2 guys @ my school how are fighting , 1 is a close Friend and i want no his chances. AFTER THE FIGHT I WILL CHOOSE
THE YAHOO WINNER IF HE/SHE PREDICTS THE FIGHT eg- person A wins by k.o. because of punches or knees,i.e in detail

Very stong, can bench and squat more than in school.
Has lost to taller strickers but also beaten boxer.
He has a wrestling style im not sure what type . looks like judo or ju-jitsu and know a little boxing


Fast,knows how to fight ,he is known for he's karate or kung- fu.
he's been doing boxing for about 10 months
he is exlenent with his stricking
weight is 50-70 he' has alot of fight exp.

i'll try to post there post fight on you tube


Thai Boxers?

I am going to take Person B will win this fight by knocking Person A out with a punch to the face

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i reckon person B. he sounds harder.

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its easy person A will win becoz he has a different types of fighting so person B can't sure where he will hit him but person A can make strategies as u said that person B fighting style is kung-fu or karate.

Karate is getting hard?

I am going for A - he's got a lower point of gravity (smaller) will be harder to knock down.
Also love the underdog

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I am betting.that you need to get a life!

How to tie the belt in Judo?

Person B will win by knocking Person A on his butt with a right cross

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I'll go with B.

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The guy with the darker hair will win.

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person A takes the cake by a brutal ground and pound.

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I'm betting this is a gigantic load of BS.

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you lack enough sufficeint, and critical, information on person A for me to determine who would really win. We don't even know how much fight experience that A has.

If A is a wrestler, then B will win if he stays out of grab reach. However, if B gets too close or gets leg caught, B will trip him down into a grappling pin. The fight can only be ended in close quarters, so I say A wins via pin and maybe some punches to the pinned guy.

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person B i thnking

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Person B

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The one who avoids the fight wins.

Help please?

dee dee dee!

Hypotyhetically, who would win in a no holds barred fight to the death?

person 2 with an uppercut

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