Any good sites that teach how to fight??

I don't want the stuff my dojo taught, like how to kill people or snap their joints and stuff like that. completely useless in a brawl unless u wanna go to prison. I want to just learn how to brawl. There aren't any kickboxing, boxing, or hard-contact martial arts things around, basicly the dojo i went to that teaches that stuff and light contact sparring (which just trains me to stop as soon as my fist taps someone, complete opposite of what i want). so i basicly need to unlearn the tap-and-draw-back reflex and i need to learn how to make punches hurt... anything i can learn that will help me in a school fight or something like that rather than a fight for my life. i have a punching bag, but besides that i got nothing else to train with/on. so a website that could teach me how to brawl would be great. thx in advance.


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Websites are a great place to learn about fighting, but you cannot learn how to fight from a website, sorry.

There is only one way to learn how to fight and that is to study in a classroom setting with real people, through real full contact training.

I encourage you to wait until you can drive to a school where they teach what you want to learn. Five months will go by very quickly. Don't get discouraged. Use this time to gather information from websites, but don't try to practice anything they offer. You'll only develop bad habits that will be hard to break.

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Nah, a website wont work. Like you said, you need to untrain yourself from light sparring. So the best way to do that is to find a school that does near-full or full contact fighting. Try looking for an MMA school. You could also find a friend who would have the same goals in fighting as you and you two could spar around. Just watching a website on how to fight wont really give you the muscle memory and instinct you need in a fight. Goodluck

In a real fight, i think the best style would be a combo of Kickboxing/Tae kwon Do, Judo, Grappling.

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ur wak to lern how to fite just beat up ppls

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I'm telling you right now, the 2 forms to learn are wrestling and boxing. Standing and on the ground, they are the toughest forms. In reality that is. In the fantasy world there are much toughter forms, like I'm sure some will tell you. The only other legit forms are BJJ and Muay Thai.

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No site will teach you how to fight

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2 bigger and stronger people vs yourself??

My friend, throw the rule book and your concern for their safety out the window. If they attack you unprovoked and you break their arms or legs or fingers or kick them in the nuts who cares? No judge is going to send you to jail for defending yourself against these two thugs.

There are no rules in a street fight, you should worry about surviving first then worry about the consequences. You will not end up in jail as long as you don't start kicking them when they're down or something.

If someone that was bigger than me attacked me I would not hesitate to breaks their joints or kick them in the nuts, do what you have to do. You seem to be more concerned with how to beat them up in the same way that they would beat you up. At the end of the day if they are bigger than you then you have to fight "dirty" trying to beat someone at their own game is a sure fire way to get your butt kicked. Make them play your game. Pop them both in the nuts and the nose and then run for a crowded place.

Good luck dude and I hope the girl's worth it... Who am I kidding, the girl's always worth it lol

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don't know of any sites for that. experience is the best teacher. i'm not telling you to go out and get into fights,but the more you are in that situation the better you will know how to react. get a buddy to strap on some gear & yall go at it. to get the feel of hitting & getting hit. or join a full contact fighting class

as for breaking bones or even killing an attacker in a life or death situation you might not want to unlearn that stuff in this day and time. thats self defense

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