Any methods on escaping or countering someone applying nelson to you?


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The full and half nelson are wrestling moves if we are talking about the same thing.

If you are standing: Stand up on your toes, allow him to adjust for a second, then drop to your knees. You are now out of the hold.

If you are in a sitting prone position or on the ground" Allow your chin to stay pinned against the chest as he is probably setting up a choke and neck muscles are not strong enough to escape. If you try you will get whiplash.

He already has your back so you want to get out of the position if possible. Lean one direction, then roll with all your might to the other. Try to at least get to your back to put him in your guard. If he has a full nelson sunk deep it is almost like a slow choke, so stay calm, relax. Maybe try to break the lock behind your head by getting a finger then a hand in between.

If you waste too much energy or panic you can be choked out with this hold. Your neck can also be damaged. Keep trying to roll forward as that is where his momentum is going. If this is a street situation and you can't escape, maybe consider playing like you are already out. You won't give someone your back again so this will be a valuable lesson.

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clech your butt cheeks cause they're most likely trying to get into your pants lol...

This position is not really that dangerous to you, just make sure they don't apply a choke and enjoy the chest stretch.

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Your standing. drop your center of gravity .Shin scraps with the hill of your foot if wearing shoes, grab a finger break that thing.
If your legs are long enough kick the hill of your foot back into his privates.
If your sitting down lean all your weight in one direction try to throw him off balance. if you cant do this while sitting your basicly screwed. but once again try to grab a finger and break that thing.

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Bend over and pick him up, then slam into something that will make him release or head butt him with the back of your head.

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there lots of different ways but the best way is dont get in it in the first place.

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What Bushido said. For someone to put a full nelson on you he has to be virtually on your back. What were you doing to get in that position?

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Many, like BUSHIDO said though, don't be there.

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Well I take it you are asking in the schoolyard bully type of full nelson, and not necessarly the the wrestling type of full nelson for a turnover.

A lot of the above posters have some good ideas (some being a bit extreme) but here is a good one, that doesn't rely on strength, speed, deception or the like.

First bring your arms down and grasp your fists together and flex your arms and arch your back, this will place pressure on his intertwined fingers, as well as raise his center of gravity, Now wrap the outside of your right arm over his tricep, throw your hip and front of his and basically twist and fall.

here is an illustration:

That is one of my favorite ways to break a full nelson, not to mention totally humiliating to the other party applying it. While the other posters are telling you great ways to get out of it, as far as just dropping your weight (not always effective against a tight one) this an awesome way to counter it and use it against your opponent. It isn't hard to learn and doesn't require any strength. It's just good ol fashioned leverage.

Another version here.

Hope that helps.

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kick him in the nuts. thats basic self defense right there

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Well, you can bend over and perform a hip throw like the poster above me said.

I don't know if you'll be able to get your foot up high enough to kick somebody in the groin.but the knee works much better.

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On one side only wrap one arm around one of the persons arm. stick your leg out to the side just a little but just enough to have the other person trip over it. Drop and turn your shoulder on the same side keep going down and turning and the person will flip over you landing on their back hard. It might knock them out because they hit so hard you should be free at this point. If not your in the perfect position for and arm bar for submission.

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